Ammonium Thiocyanate Tenders

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Ref. No #25169512 State Government Live   GeM Tender

Supply Of Science Lab Material - Spring Balance Tuber 500 Gm, Stop Watch Raser 369, Glass Slab 15Mm, Sprit Level Al, Board Pin, Dcc Wire 100 Gm, Drawing Board 12X18, Prism 38X38, Lens Convex 15/20/25 Fl, Lens Concave, Mirror Convex S/T, Mirror Concave S/T, Plan Mirror 3X1, Ammeter, Voltmeter, Galvanometer, Compass 3/4 B/S, Compass 2 Al, Slotted Weight 50X5 250 Gm, One Way Key Al, Two Way Key Al, Resistance Box 100/500/1000 Ohm, Rheostat Brass 8, Screw Gauge 25Mm Black Box, Vernier Caliper, Spherometer Double Disk, Burette Clamp Fisher Type, Retort Stand 7X5, Cork No.7, Cork No.8, Cork No.9, Cork No.10, Cork No.11, Sprit Lamp Al, Lab Thermometer, Capillary Tube, Forcep 4, Glass Rod 6, Tripod Stand 6X3, Kipps Apparatus 500 Ml, Spatula 6, Test Tube Stand B, Test Tube Holder, Test Tube Brush, Litmus Paper Red, Litmus Paper Blue, Ph Paper, Filter Paper Kalpi, Wash Bottle 500M1 03, Dropping Bottle 60 Ml P, Ignition Tube, Watch Glass 3, Specimen/Gas Jar, Separating Funnel 250M1, Funnel 3 G, Test Tube 15X125, Wolf Bottel, Pipette 10M1, Burrette 50 Ml, My. Cylinder 100 Ml, Reagent Bottle 250 Ml, Volumetric Flask 250 Ml, Periodic Table, Thermometer Clinical Isi Mark, Wall Thermometer Big, Scissor 4 S.S., Cork Borer Set Of 6, Fractional Weight Box, Magnesium Ribbon 25Gm, Wire Gauge, Pipette Stand H.Z., Burner Bunsun, Weight Box 100 Gm, Wash Bottle 250M1 P, Dropping Bottle 125 Ml 13, China Dish 3, Acetaldehyde, Acetic Acid, Aceto-Carmine, Acetone, Ethyl Alcohol, Aluminium Carbonate, Aluminium Nitrate, Aluminium Chloride, Aluminium Metal, Aluminium Sulphate, Ammonia, Carbonate, Chloride, Oxalate, Sulphate, , Barfoed S Reagent, Barium Chloride, Barium Carbonate, Barium Nitrate, Barium Sulphate, Benedicts Solution, Benzene, Benzoic Acid, Benzyl Alcohol, Bleaching Powder, Borax, Bromine Water Conc., Calcium Chloride, Calcium Carbonate, Calcium Hydroxide, Calcium Sulphate, Chlorine Water, Chloroform, Conc. Hci, Conc. Nitric Acid, Conc. Sulphuric Acid, Copper Metal, Glucose, Oil. H2so4, Oil. Hci, Acetocarmine Stain, Safranine, Methylene Blue, Hydrolchloric Acid, Nitric Acid, Benedicts Reagent, Fehling Solution No., Millons Reagent, Sucrose, Glycerine, Soluble Starch, Ph Tablets/Paper, Universal Indicator, Hydroxide, Acetone, Petroleum Ether, Phenolphthalein, Citric Acid, Concentarated Iodine, Copper Sulphate, Barfoed Solution, Methyl Alcohol, Liver Wort, Moss, Pinus, Lichen, Bryophyllum, Hydrilla, Opuntia, Utricularia, Pisum Satiyum, Ascaris, Prawn, Rohu, Frog, Liverfluke, Bat, Lifehistory Of Anophelese/Culex/Silkmoth, Development Stages Of Cockroach, Lifehistory Of Butterfly/Honey Bee, Modifications Of Root/Stem/Leaf, Millipede, Pearl Ovster, Sea Horse, Lizard, Hydra, Sycon, Apis, Dugesia, Hirudinaria, Cyclops, Aurelia, Jelly- Fish, Comb -Jellie, Filaria- Worm Round-, Leech, Cockroach, Salmon Fish, Funaria Moss, Fern, Rhizopus, Agaricus, Pinus Chir, Familly-Fabaceae/Liliaceare/Solanaceae, Controlled Pollination-Emasculation,, Bagging Techn, Pollination By Different Agencies, Types Of Gynoecium/Placentation/Aestivati, On, Animal Cell, Plant Cell, Photosynthesis, T.S. Root Monocot & Dicot, T.S. Leaf Monocot & Dicot, T.S. Steam Monocot & Dicot, Human Digestive System, Nervous System, Respiratory System, Human Heart, Skeletal System, Muscular System, Circulatory System, Classification Of Fruits, Structure Of Flowers, Germination Of Flower, Human Skeleton Full Size, Human Torso, Heart, Kidney, Brain, Eye, Ear, Lung, Electronic Ph Meter, Compound Microscope, Dissection Microscope, Research Microscope/Pathological, Microscope, Electronic Balance, Bunsen Burner, Slide Box, Mortar And Pestle, Funnel, Ferceps, Needle, Measuring Cylinder, Scissors, Scalpel Entomological, Blade, Knife, Cobalt Chloride Paper, Rubber Band, Cork, Whatman Filter Paper, Capillary Tube, Chromatography Jar, Dropping Bottle, Bacteria, Paramecium, Euglena, Chalamvdomonas, Volvox, Entamoeba, Budding Of Yeast, Rhizopus, Spirogvra, Oscillatoria, Epidermal Peel With Stomatas, Parenchyma/Collenchymas/Scelerenchyma, Xylem/ Phloem, T.S. Dicot Root/ Stem/Leaf, T.S. Monocot Root/ Stem/Leaf, Pollen Germinaion, Pollen Germination On Stigma, T.S. Testis Of Any Mammal, T.S. Ovary Of Any Mammal, T.S. Blastula Of An Mammal, T.S. Morula/Striated Muscles/Smooth, Muscles, Stages Of Mitosis, Stages Of Meiosis In Onion Bud, Cardiac Muscles/ Striated Muscles/ Smooth, Muscles, W.M. Of Nerve Cell, T.S. Bonet.S. Cartilage, Souamous Epithelium, Malarial Parasite In Blood, Monocot Root, Dicot Root, Monocot Steam, Dicot Steam, Test Tubes, Measuring Cylinder 10Ml./20Ml Borosil, Beakers 50Ml/100Ml/250Ml/500Ml, Conical Flask 250Ml/100Ml, Round Bottom Flask 250Ml, Funnel, Cover Slips Blue Star, Slides, Petri Dishes, Glass Rod, Test Tube Holder, Test Tube Stand, Wire Guage, Thermometerrs, Staining Rack, Wash Bottle, Human Physiology Model Set 12, Label Stickers, Droppers, Dissection Box, Gloves

Madhya Pradesh
Due Date
19 Aug, 2022
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