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Ref. No #22180314 Central Government/Public Sector Live   GeM Tender

Supply Of Earth Leakage Relay With Current Display System, Part No. - Eat-6610, Power Pack Unit 110V Dc, Part No. - Bt-5999, Isolating Spout Assembly With Nylon Shroud, Part No. - Btc-9977, Auxiliary Plug And Socket Assembly Complete Set, Part No. - Bt-4850, Copper Connection Complete Set Consisting Of 3 Pcs. In Phase R/Y/B, Part No. - Bt-8889, Earthing Bar Contact, Part No. - Bt-8810, Jaw Contact Assembly Set, Part No. - Bt-4050, Partition Plate Assembly, Part No. - Bt-5255, Operating Shutter Assembly, Part No. - Bt-5310, Operating Mechanism Complete Set, Part No. - Bt-4911, Instrument Chamber Box Complete With Internal Wiring Including Selector Switches, Indication Lamps, Volt, , , Fuse Base Etc., Part No. - Bdwt-7773, Bushbar Connection R/Y/B, Part No. - Bt-8818, Right Angle Cable End Box With Support Plate, Part No. - Bt-7225, Epoxy Resin Cast Current Transformer Ratio 400/200/5/5A, Part No. - Bt-1132, High Speed Tripping Relay, Part No. - Eat-6890 Under And Over Voltage Relay, Part No. - Eat-6591, Elr Core Balance Current Transformer, Part No. - Eat-6650, N V Auxiliary Switch, Part No. - Bt-1871, Trolley Complete With All Accessories, Part No. - Bt-8262, Assorted Hardware, Part No. - Bt-9295, Shunt Trip Coil Assembly, Part No. - 1650Ts, Potential Transformer 3.3Kv/110V, Part No. - Bt-4102, P.T. Connector Copper, Part No. - Bt-7788, Rotary Switch Complete With Link & Fixing Plate, Part No. - Bt-9191

Due Date
22 Oct, 2021
11.83 Lacs