Amplatz Stiff Wire Tenders

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Ref. No #31806004 Central Government/Public Sector Live   GeM Tender

Supply Of Radiology Consumables Interventional Hardware - Introducer Sheath, Ansel Sheaths, Guiding Catheters, Puncture Needle Medicut, Hydrophilik Guide , Extra Guide , Ultra Guide , Micro Puncture Set, Picard 5Fr Catheter, Pigtail Catheters, Rc1 5Fr Catheter, Rdc 5Fr Catheter, Sim1 5Fr Catheter, Sim2 5Fr Catheter, Mpa 5Fr Catheter, C1 5Fr Catheter, C2 5Fr Catheter, Ruc. Catheter 5F, Rc1 4Fr Hydrophilic Catheter, Rdc 4Fr Hydrophilic Catheter, Sim1 4Fr Hydrophilic Catheter, Sim2 4Fr Hydrophilic Catheter, Mpa 4Fr Hydrophilic Catheter, C1 4Fr Hydrophilic Catheter, C2 4Fr Hydrophilic Catheter, Vertebral Hydrophilic Catheter, Marker Pigtail Hydrophilic Catheter, Balloon Hydrophilic Catheter 4Mm To 12Mm, Balloon Hydrophilic Catheter 14Mm To 26Mm, Rapid Exchange Balloon Hydrophilic Catheter, Coils 18, Coils35, Interlocking Coils, Detachbale Coils, Self Expanding Stent, Covered Self Expandable Stent, Neff Percutaneous Access Stent, Ring Biliary, Over The Balloon 14, Over The Balloon 35, Long Seath, Rups-100, Rtps 10Fr, Liver Access And Biopsy Needle, Pva Particles, Embospheres, Glue Nbutyl Cyan Acrylate, Lipiodol, Thrombin, Rtpa Tissue Plasminogen Activator, Dj Stents, Dedicated Tips Stent Graft, Chiba Siopsy Needle, Rapid Exchange Balloon Mounted Stents, Balloon Mounted Stent, Balloon Mounted Cover Stent, Vascular Plug, Pcn Set, Thal Set, Ivc Filter, Micro Catheter With Guide 2.6F, Microguide With Torque Device 0.018, 0.014, Micro Catheter With Guide 2.7F, Biopsy Needle Automatic, Biopsy Needl Semi Automatic- Coaxial System, Self Expendable Stent 035, Self Expendable Stent 18, Cto Guide 14, Cto Guide 18, Famoral Percutanious Closure Device Suture Mediated Closure, Suture Anchor Set, Peg Set, Gastrostomy Set, Complaint Balloons, Pigtail Drainage Catheters, Malecot Drainage Cathetrs With Strightner Inside, Pigtail Drainage Catheter With Trocar, Dormia Basket, Foreign Boday Retrieval Snare, Bone Biopsy Needle With Diamond Tip, Cutting Balloon Catheter, Inbuilt Battery Pertaed Clot Retriever Device, Detachable Balloons, Ivc Filter Retrieval, Leur Lock Syringes, Micro Guide 0.016 , Act-One Technology, Micro Guide 0.014 Workhorse , Ascites Tap Single Time, Multiport Catheter, Flexible Biopsy Forceps, Road Runner 14-300, Road Runner 18-300, H1 Catheter, Contralateral Sheath, Dotter Intravascular Retrieval Set

Due Date
17 Jun, 2024
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