Amplifier Board Tenders

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Ref. No #25568713 Central Government/Public Sector Live   GeM Tender

Supply Of Vrc Lab, Cnr Lab, Srax Lab, Ulsb Lab, Vps Mk-Iii, Ipc Lab And Cs Design Lab Component - Raspberry Pi, Atmega 328 Development, 1K Resistors 1/4 Watt, Metal Connectors, Power Supply Smps, 5K Resistors 1/4 Watt, Awg Wire, Teflon Wire Electrical Ptfe Insulated Wire, Zener Diode 1N 4742A, Lcd Display 20X4 Module With, Diode 1N 4007, 10K Resistor 1/4 Watt, Ttl To Rs232 Level Shifter For Uart, Voltage Protection Lt3460 Ic, Lmxl4016 Dc Converter Module, Capacitor 1000Uf / 25V, Capacitors 0.1Uf, Molex Conn, Fabrication Of Box, Flex , Bias Test Point Black & Red, Soldering Wire Lead 250, Liquid Flux White, Heat Shrinkable Tube, General Purpose Pcb, Fasteners Nuts And Bolts, Spacers, Connecting Wires, Hot Glue Sticks, 20 Pin Frc Female Connector, 10 Pin Female Euro Connector, Teflon Wire, Solder Soft, Heat Shrink Sleeve Tube, Fiber Glass, Module Housing Compartment, Wooden Screws, Hinge For Wooden Box, Arduino Uno Micro-Controller Atmega328p, Lcd Display, Dc Smps, Mux - Cd74hc4067, Crystal, Electrolytic Capacitor, Voltage Regulator Ic 7805, Ceramic Capacitor-104, Electrolytic Capacitor, Fiber Glass For Card Mounting, 128 Pin Euro Connector Male, 96 Pin Euro Connector Male, Banana Socket Female, Resistor Liquid Flux, Nut And Bolt, Toggle Switch, Potentiometer Through Hole, Fuse With Compartment, Flex Frame, Flex Printing, Male To Female Jumper Wire, Spring Test Probes Pogo Pins, Smps, Dc Jack With M/F, Push Switch, Bnc Cable, Rotary Switch, Hot Glue Gun With Stick, 21 Mhz Oscillator, Frequency Counter, Voltage Generator Ic7809, General Purpose Pcb, Bnc Connector Male/Female, Ac Power Cable, Single Side General Purpose Copper Doted Pcb Universal, Sd Card 16 Gb, Telephone Dialler & Speech Circuit, Sd Card Reader Module, Atmega 328 Microcontroller 2560, Rev3, Arduino Uno Rev 3, Ps2 Key, 20X4 Lcd 6X9.8X1.2, I2c Lcd Driver, 20X4 Lcd 6X9.8X1.2, Berg Strip Connectors, Rmc Connectors M/F, Pull Up Resistors 10K, Capacitors Polarized 1K Uf/100Uf, Resistors Mix Kit, Usb To Usb Wirea2c Type, Push Switches, Soldering Lead 400 Gm, Mech Fabrication Metal Box Making, Mic, Fsk Modem Signal Irx2210-Gtx, 12V, 5A Smps, 10A 10 Diodes, Lm2596 Dc To Dc Buck Convertor, Buzzers, Usb To Ftdi Module, 3 Pin Metal Connector, 6”X4” Pcbs General Purpose, Voltage Protection Lt3460, Lm2596 Dc Converter, 24 Volt Regulator, Bridge Bd107, Atmega 8 Micro Controller, 16 Mhz Crystal, Oled Display 1 Inch, Relay 24V Dc Dpdt, Transistor 2N2222, Zener Diode In5359bg, 24V &, Diode 10A10 24V, Resistor 10K 1W, Resistor 5K 1W, Resistor 1K 1W, Capacitor 1000Uf, 25V., Capacitor .1Uf, Molex Conn 2 Pin M/F, Molex Conn 3 Pin M/F, Hot Glue Sticks, 8/16 Awg Wire, Teflon Wire, Connecting Wires, Bais Test Point Black & Red, Soldering Wire 250Gm, Liquid Flux White, M3 X 20 Mm Male To Female Brass Hex, Heat Shrinkable Tube, 8” X 4” Pcbs, Push Button Switch, Buck Converter 5V, Harting, Din 41612 96 Way 3 Row Male Connector 2.54 Mm Pitch, Right Angle Rectangular Connector, Plug Uro Connector, Bed Of Nails, Pcb For Nails, Teflon Wire, Liquid Flux 500 Ml, Solder Soft 500 Gm, Sleeve, Tp Point Probe Red & Black, Fibre Glass, Module Housing Compartment 120Cm, 60Cm X 60Cm, Screws ½”, Hingel3”, Atmega 2560, Lcd 4X20, 65V 10A Smps, Single Side Copper Prototype Pcb Universal 18X30cm, 9, 8, 6, 2 Pin Female Euro Connector, Jpa Collections 10 Pcs Length 17.5 Mm Spring Test Probes, Ups 1 Kva, Adriano Usb Connector, Push Switches, Bnc Connector Male/Female, Bnc Cable 1 Mtr, Rotary Switch 2 Posn, 12 X 18 General Purpose Pcb, Hot Glue Gun With Stick, 20 Mhz Oscillator, Ic Mt9042, Fpga Epic6q240c6, Smps 12 V, 5Amp, Rechargeable Bty 12V, 7Ah, Bty Charger Module S1451cc,, Fm Tx And Rx Kits For Testing Purpose, Optical Audio Tx And Rx, Asus Ai Mic Adaptor Module, Housing For Tx & Rx Kit, Hc - 05 Wireless Bluetooth Rf Transceiver Module, Atmega 328P Operating Voltage: 5V., Arduino Programming Cable Usb, To Usb B, Wireless Bluetooth Headphone, 5V Rechargeable Battery, Transparent Acrylic Glossy Case For Uno R3, 5 X 3.5 Inch Metal Ruggedized Portable Box Blue Tooth Headphone, Receiver System Vhf Band, Mhz To 87.975 Mhz, Arduino Uno s, Ir Led Infrared Light 3W, Dc Power Code For Arduino, Arduino Box, Dc Power Cable For Receiver, Mtr, Dc To Dc Converter 12V To, Switching Circuit, Mounting Tray For Ir Led, Mosfet Mrf174, Du28205, Max 9814 Microphone Amp With Agc And Low Noise Module, General Purpose Pcb’S 6”X4”, Resistor Mix Box, Condenser Mic, Comparator Lm 385, Comparator Lm 324/Tl 074, Comparator Lm 386, Npn Transistors 2N2222a, Pnp Transistors Bc177a, Capacitor 20Uf, 16V, Polarized Capacitor 20Uf, 16V, On/Off Switch Spst, Connecting Wire, Glue Sticks, Soldering Wire 250Gm, Soldering Flux, Audio Jack M/F, Ac/Dc Power Supply Jack M/F, Amp Audio Jack Stereo M/F, Amp Pa Max Connectors Stereo, 6 X 4 Inch General Purpose Pcb, Mini Zero Pcb , Switch 3 Pin Micro Switch, Ir Led Box, Teflon Coated Silver Plated Copper Wire 1.5 Sq Mm, Tie Clip Big, Ic Lm386, Variable Resistor, 100Mf Capacitor, 100Nf Capacitor, 10Mf Capacitor, 33 Pf Capacitor, Resistor 330 Ohm, Resistor 10K Ohm, Jumper Wires Male To Male, Male To Female, Female To Female/ Bread Jumper Wires 40 In, Resistor 100K Ohm, Resistor 150E, 30Mhz Crystal Oscillator, Transistor Pn2222a, Cct Design Pcb Size 5” X, Transistor 2N3866, Resistor 33 Ohm, Resistor 1.8K Ohm, Resistor 100 Ohm, Variable Resistor 10K Ohm, Capacitor 100Uf, Capacitor 10Uf, Capacitor 1Uf, Coil 2.7Mh, Coil 2Mh, Coil 7Mh, Balloon Transformer, Pcb 6” X 4”, Ic 555, Variable Resistor 47K Ohm, Variable Resistor 220K Ohm, Resistor 1K Ohm, Resistor 3.3K Ohm, Resistor 56K Ohm, Capacitor 220Uf, Capacitor 4Nf, Toggle Switch, Capacitor Box

Due Date
07 Oct, 2022
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