Anaerobic System Tenders

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Ref. No #32272299 Central Government/Public Sector Live

Procurement Of Drugs And Consumables - Lignocaine 100 mg & Ethanol 28 mg/ml v/v spray container of 500/800 ml Indicator Soda lime Lamotrigine 25 mg Tab Methotrexate 5 mg, Tab Tab Leviteracetam 500mg Carvedilol 3.125mg Tab Gycerl Trinitrate CR 2.6 mg, Tab Nebivoilol 5mg, Tab Metoprolol - Extended release 50mg Clindamycin phosphate 1% topical gel Tube of 10 gm Glycerin (Glycerol) in bottle of 1 Kg Paraffin Soft yellow Jar of 4 Kg Hydrogen peroxide solution with stabilizer IP (20 volume) 500 ml Bott Metoclopramide 10 mg Tab Hyoscine Bromide Inj 20 mg/ml,1ml Inj Parraffin Liq in bottle of 100 ml Ornidazole 500 mg + Ofloxacin 200 mg, Tab Nor-Ethisterone 5mg Tab Laryngoscope cells for. Spinal Needle S-24 Spinal Needle S-25 T-Piece in three sizes Catherer foleys Silicon 2 way 5 ml Size 16 FG Catherer Foleys Silicon 2 way Size 20 FG 5 ml retention balloon Catherer Foleys Silicon 2 way Size 22 FG 20-30 ml retention balloon Foleys balloon Catherer, Silicon, Size Fr 6 Disposable caesarean Kit (Sterilized) Adhesive plaster Zinc oxide 7.5 cm X 5 mtr Adhesive Plaster tape 3 inches box of 4 Microfoam Adhesive Plaster tape 4 inches box of 3 Microfoam Bandage Triangular Bandage `T` Shaped Slab, Plaster of Paris: 10 x 38 cm, tin of 50 Slab Plaster of Paris: 75 x 15 cm, tin of 50 Suspensory Scrotal Transparent medicated adhesive wound dressing 10 x 25 cm box of 12 Paper, filter, square, (Green's No. 795) 51cm X 51cm, Pkt of 100 Pencil, Marking glass. Semi auto analyser, printing paper roll for Alcohol Dehydrated Aluminium foils. Alcohol Methyl Deoxycholate Citrate Agar. Z N Stain(Rapid) Glycerine AR (Glycerol) 500 ML HIV I & II Rapid Test Kit (Each kit for 50 tests) Ink glass writing bottle of 30ml Keto diastix bott of 50 strips NNNN-Tetramethylphenylene Diamine Dihydrochloride, bottle of 10 gm. Prothrombin time reagents to give control of 10-14 secs (5ml) Stain Eosin, water soluble Strips 'Albumin' and glucose bottle of 100 strips Xylene (Xylol Pure) Tissue cassettes & block holders Ultrasound Jelly Tube of 250 gm. Electrocardiograph paste/ Jelly Bottle of 250 ml ECG Thermal Recording Paper for HP Page writer Machine (Packet of 200 sheets) Midazolam nasal spray 0.5 mg/spray 5 ml bottle Trop T kit of 5 test Ryles Tube S-12,14,16 & 18 Spinal Needle S-26 Extension line 10 cm Extension line 30 cm Vircon powder (Potassium Peroxymonosulfate) PP Crystal Pkt of 20gm Adhesive Antiseptic Band Aid Pkt 0f 100 Vicryl no 2 round body pack of 12 Methyl blue sterile Prolene Suture Double Ended Rb 5' 0' X 16mm Swab stick (Sterile) Pap Smear kit containing Kiwi Complete vacuum delivery Microslide size 76mm/50mm Cover slip (22X50X0.12) Sun beam company Glucose test kit (Erba) of 400 ml Gram stain kit (Rapid) Rapid test kit filaria Antibody (test of 25) Urine pregnancy test card ESR Tube Disposable (Westerngreen) Blood culture Bottle Stromatolyser-WH (500 ml) Microtome blade stainless steel Ketostrip bott of 50 Haemospot test kit 50test Prothrombin time test kit 5 ml Tulip Micro Albumin test kit (Erba) Calcium test kit (Erba) 100ml Test tube wide mouth (170x30mm) 100ml VDRL Rapid (pack 30 test) Blood Culture Bottle (Aerobic) Blood Culture Bottle () Blood Culture Bottle (Pediatric) HIV Kit disposable Snap Pack Mac Conkey Broth SS Mac Conkey Broth DG Haemotoxyllin Staining Sol (Harris) Durham Tube ASO Titer test kit (5ml) Cholesterol test kit of 100 ml(Erba) Lipase test Kit (Erba) 25ml Urea test kit (Erba) 100ml RA Factor test kit 25 Test LDH test kit (Erba) 40ml Amylase test kit (Erba) 36ml Albumin test kit (Erba) 250ml Total Protein test kit 250 ml (Erba) Biliirubin test kit Erba (240ml) Seamens (uristrix) multistrix 10 SG Seamens check stick combopack Albumin( Pack size 6X20ML) Amylase( Pack size 4X20ML) Alkaline phosphatase( pack size 4X15ML) ALAT(GPT) (Pack size 6X20/6X5ML) ASAT(GOT) (Pack size 6X20/6X5ML) Billirubin Total (Pack size 5X15/5X5ML) Bilirubin Direct (Pack size 5X15/5X5ML) Calcium(A)( Pack size 4X20ML) Creatinine (Pack size 5X15/5x15ML) Cholesterol(Pack size 6X20ML) HDL Cholesterol(Direct)(Pack size 2X18/2X6ML) LDL Chloesteol Direct( pack size 1X18/1X6ML) Glucose (Pack size10X20ML) Lectatedehydrogenase(Pack size 1X20/1X5ML) Total protein( Pack size 6X25ML) Triglyceride( Pack size 6X20ML) Uric acid (Pack size 4X15ML) Urea (Pack size 6X20/6X5ML) Lipase (Pack size 1X20/1X12ML)

Due Date
27 Jul, 2024
6.01 Lacs