Anaesthesia Monitor Tenders

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Ref. No #31614730 Central Government/Public Sector Live   GeM Tender

Supply Of Sodium Hypochlorite Solution 10Percentage, Bandage Plaster Of Paris 15 Cmx3 Mtr, Comfort Caps, Surgeons Mask Disposable, Cannula Iv With Injection Port And Wings Size 18 G, Disposable Plastic Infusion Set For Iv Fluids Presterilised Comma Pyrogen Free Complete With Airline And Nylon Filter Alongwith Air Vent, Povidone Iodine 7Point 5 Percentage Solution 500 Ml, 1 Comma 6 Dihdroxy Plus 2 Dash 5 Dioxahexane Plus Gluteraldehide Benzalkonium Chloride Alkyl Urea Derivatives Plus 11 Point 2 Gm Slash 5Point 0 Gm Slash 3 Gm In 100 Gm, Triple Lumen Catheter Kit Cannula Comma Guide Wire Comma Dilator Introducer Needle 7Fr, Foley Catheter Dash 2 Way 14 Fr, Disposable Draw Sheet 96 X 125Cms, Sterile Surgical Blade Size Dash 11 100 Slash Packet, Quincke Spinal Needle Stylet 25G Disposable, Sterile Surgical Blade Size Dash 10 100 Slash Packet, Sterile Surgical Blade Size Dash 20 100 Slash Packet, Spinal Needle Size 23 G, Adhesive Plaster Micropore Box Of 6 As Per Specification, Adhesive Plaster Micropore Tape Box Of 6 As Per Specification, Sterile Surgical Blade Size Dash 23 100 Slash Packet, Sterile Surgical Blade Size Dash 15 100 Slash Packet, Closed Suction Drain Size Dash 16 F, C Dash Arm Cover Sterile Disposible, Pre Dash Pack Sterile Gauze Pack 7Point 5X7point 5 Cm 8 Ply Type 17Comma Pack Of 5 With Ro Line, Sticker With Eto Chemical Indicator For Documentation 30 Rolls Slash Box, Sticker With Steam Chemical Indicator For Documentation 30 Rolls Slash Box, Sticker With Hydrogen Peroxide H2o2 Chemical Indicator For Documentation Comma 30 Rolls Slash Box, Spinal Needle Size 22 G, Universal Spinal Drape Set, Abdominal Drain Size 28, Individually Vacuum Packed Sterile Triple Nitrile Coating Comma Latex Powder Free Puncture Resistance Gloves With Triple Coating Technology Size 8 Point 0, Half Gown Dispo, Epidural Set 16G, Epidural Set 18G, Abdominal Drain Size 32, 100 Percentage Silicon Foleys Catheter 08 Fr 2 Way, Disposable Tongue Depressor, Tube Endo Dash Tracheal Nasal Size 8Point 0 With Cuff, Ultrasound Jelly Tube Of 250 Gm, Biosorb Gel Ot Table Sheet 100 X 225 Cm Medium, Quincke Spinal Needle Stylet 26G Disposable, Hme Filter Adult, Printer Paper Hmpp Dash I For Hmts Dash 80 Machine 5 Roll Per Pack, Chemical Indicator Class Iv To Verify All Parameters Of Plasma Sterilization Together 250 Pcs Slash Box As Per Specification, Double Swivel Mount 15 F Slash 22M Connector And Female Connector Cath Mount, Flat Roll For Eto Slash Autoclave 10Cm X 200Mtrs, Flat Roll For Eto Slash Autoclave 20Cm X 200Mtrs, Flat Roll For Eto Slash Autoclave 40Cm X 200Mtrs, Ink Cartridge For 3 Line Labeller Machine, Kidney Trays Polypropylene 260X55mm 750Ml, Process Challenge Device Pcd For Ethylene Oxide Eto Sterilization, Process Challenge Device For Bowie Dick Simulation Testcomma Stainless Steel Standard Version 1114 As Per Specification, Rapid Readout Biological Indicators 50Pcs Slash Box As Per Specification, Sterilized Cvc Pack Pre Procedure Gown Doubly Packed In Peelable Pack As Per Specification, 2 Propanol Ip 45Gm Comma 1 Propanol 30Gm Comma Ethyl Dash Hexadecyldash Dimethyl Ammonium Ethylsulphate 0 Point 2Gm With Emollient And Moisturizer Bott Of 500Ml With Dispenser, Ambulatory Multirate Elastomeric Infusor Pump With Maximum Fill Volume Of 300Ml With Flow Rates Of 2 Comma 3 Comma And 5Ml Slash Hr, Chemical Indicator Tape To Eto Sterilization By Indicating A Colour Change Size 18 Mm X 55 Mtrs As Per Specification, Disinfection Tray Polypropylene 426X156x138 4 Litres, Disposable Cautery Patient Plate With Cable, Disposable Cautery Scratch Pad, Foleys Catheter 2 Way 18 Fr, Foleys Catheter 2 Way Comma 16 Fr, Foleys Catheter Dash 10 Fr 2 Way, Tube Endo Tracheal Reinforced Pvc Size 5 Point 5 With Cuff, Tube Endo Tracheal Reinforced Pvc Size 6 Point 0 With Cuff, Spinal Needle 26 G Paed, Multiple Enzymatic Concentrate Solution For Heavy Instruments 1000Ml Slash Bottle As Per Specification, Extension Tubing With Three Way Stop Cock 200 Cms In Length, Airway Guedel Comma All Rubber Slash Pvc Comma All Sizes Infants Comma Paediatric Comma Adult, Guedels Airway Comma One Piece Design Colour Coded Assorted Sizes Infant Comma Paed Comma Adult, Guedels Airway Size 2, Bains Circuit Adult Modification Of Dash Comma Codash Axial Breathing Circuit With Expiratory Valve, Maplesom Non Rebreathing System Bains Circuit, Closed Suction Drain Sizedash 14 F, Tube Feeding Smooth Plastic Infant 38 Cm Long Comma 6F With Red Flexible Connector For Nasogastric Feeding, Bougie Adult With Marking 40 Degree Angle 60Cm, Indicator Sodalime, Pressure Infusion Bags 1000 Ml, Three Way Stop Cock Plastic, Tube Endo Dash Tracheal Oral With Inflatable Cuff Tube And Pilot Bag 7 Point 5 Mm Internal Diameter, Tube Endotracheal Redash Inforced Pvc Size 7 Point 0 With Cuff, Tube Endotracheal Re Dash Inforced Pvc Size 7 Point 5 With Cuff, Tube Endo Dash Tracheal Reinforced Pvc Size 8 Point 0 With Cuff, Foleys Balloon Catheter Silicon Size Fr 10, Bandage Elastic Adhesive Comma 6 Cm X 3 Metres Unstretched And 5 Dash 6 Metres When Stretched Dot, Enzymatic Detergent

Jammu And Kashmir
Due Date
01 May, 2024
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