Analog Oscilloscope Tenders

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Ref. No #31188368 State Government Live   GeM Tender

Supply of LVDT Trainer , Thermistor Trainer , RTD Thermocouple Trainer , Strain Gauge Trainer , Pressure Trainer , Photo Electric Sensor Trainer , Stepper Motor Trainer , Temperature Controller Trainer , Water level Measurement using Strain Gauge , Speed Measurement using Hall Effect Sensor , Water Flow Measurement System , Proximity Sensor Trainer , Maxwell s Bridge Trainer , Kelvin s Double Bridge Trainer , Wheatstone s Bridge Trainer , Logic Gates Trainer , PROPAGATION DELAY FOR GATES , Adder and Subtractor trainer kit , 4 Bit Binary Adder Subtractor Trainer , Multiplexer Demultiplexer Trainer , Flip Flop Trainer , to Digital Converter Trainer , Digital to Converter Trainer , Arithmetic Logic Unit Trainer , Logic Gates Using Universal Gates , SUM OF PRODUCT and PRODUCT OF SUM Trainer , Counter Trainer , Op amp Application Trainer , Measurements of op amp parameters , Op amp as function generator , Op amp frequency response , Active filter using op amp , V to I and I to V converters , Op amp instrumentation amplifier , Diode Transistor clipper and clamper , Half Wave Full Wave Bridge Rectifier , Digital Trainer , Trainer , Advance cum Digital Trainer Kit , Kirchoff s Law Ohm s Law Kit with Meter , Network Theorem Trainer , Transient study of RC RL RLC circuit , Series and parallel resonance , Digital Storage SMO1002 , Digital Multimeters Specifications , Computer Interface Unit

Madhya Pradesh
Due Date
05 Mar, 2024
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