Analog Timer Tenders

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Ref. No #32211372 Central Government/Public Sector Live

Procurement Of Main Engine Spares -Plug, Prc Glue, Chain Forcat Type Welder, Spring, Pin, Spring, Assembly Of Oiler For Air Distributor, Inj.Pump And Pump Head Extractor, Bush, O Ring, Bush, Loctite 242, Cam Shaft Stud, Cam Shaft Nut, Loctite 641, Hyloner Paste, Screw With Dog Point, Inlet Valve Seat, Exhaust Valve Seat, Stud, Cylinder Head Gasket, Nut, Ring Nse6.531 21A7no Ms 229, Sealing Ring An 13 60C7, Stud, Snep Self Locking Nut M12dsnx0210a, Self Locking Nut, Half Clamping Collar, Special Nut, Valve Rocker Washer, Screw, Nitrile Cord D7 1123L, Spring, Piston Ring, Ring D164 3.5D Nse 6.531 60C7, Injector Gasket, O-Ring D135 3D Nse6.531 60C7, Connection, Spring, O-Ring Ann74 Nse 6.5 60C7, Clamping Collar, Gasket, O Ring, Oval Joint, Banjo Bolt, Leakage Pipe, Sheathed Injection Pipe, Bush, O Ring, No An24, Nse 6.5 60C7, O Ring, An21, 60C7, Nse 6.5, Flame Arrestor, Joint, O Ring, Viton Oil Seal15x30x10, O Ring, O Ring An21 Nse 6.5 60C7, O Ring 162X8, O Ring For Glacier Filter Gf600-11, Crankshaft Deflection Indicator Measuring Appratus, Solenoid Valve Nc 24Vdcy94, Y97, Y142.Y143, Y, Pneumatic Distributor Pneu/Pneu, Pressure Transmitter 0-4 Bar 24Vdc O/P-4-20 Ma, Pressure Transmitter 10 Bar 24Vdc O/P-4-20 Ma, Pressure Switch -1 To 10 Bar, Pressure Guage With Glycerine, I/P-0-6 Bar, End Plates, Push Button S157, Off Delay 0.2-300Sec.+Socket, Svae - Over Speed Cards, Engine Speed Indicator 0-1250 Rpm, 96X96, Distributor Iso 541 Pneumatic/Spring, Iso1 Distributor Pneu.Control/Pneu.Return, On Delay Relay 24V Dc, Frequency Divider-Turbo Speed, Cable Engine Speed Measure, Electro - Distributor, Electro Distributor With Spring Return, Iso1 Electrodistributor, 24Vdc, Solenoid Return, Sph Lube Oil Safety Card, Se Card, Mtp Bearing Temp Card, Flexible Hose H.T.Water Engine Inlet, Brg Complete Compressor End, Brg Complete Turbine End, Sealing Bush, Glass Fuse 300Ma, Size 5X20, Fast Blow, Set Of 10, Indicator, 72X72.0-4Bar, I/P4-20M, Cyl Head Sleeve, Snep Nut, Binx Nut, Hm10, O Ring, Ms 29-513/226, 21A7, Nse 6.531, Bs Ring, Barrel-Plunger Assembly, Pin For Rackbar, Barrel Cap, Feed Valve Spring, Thrust -Stopper, Scale Shimbar, O Ring, O Ring, O Ring, Hex Socket Countersunkflathead Capscrew M6x16din7991 G8.8, Metafarm Bush Bp25-16/20X20, Ring Oil Seal, Water Pump H.T, Water Inlet Flange, Gasket, Gasket For Exh, Flexible Joint, Clamping Collar, Rack, Positioning Pin, Pump Screw Bar, Adjusting Screwbar

Andhra Pradesh
Due Date
23 Jul, 2024
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