Anawin Inj Tenders

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Ref. No #25709247 Central Government/Public Sector Live   GeM Tender

Supply of Bunch Bid, Indicator Tape, Disposable Surgical Cap Men, Disposable Surgical Cap Women, Surgical Blade 15 No, Prolene 3 0 Cutting Suture, Ethilone 2 0 Cutting Suture, Vicryl 1 0 Round Body Suture, Tablet Formalin, Ointment Lignocaine Jelly 2 Percent, Formaline 500 Ml, Ligaclip Lt 300, Ligaclip Lt 400, Disposable Needle 26G, Paraffin Gauze, Micropore Tape 5 Cm, Micropore Tape 7.5 Cm, Uro Bag, Disposable Syringe 5 Ml, Betadine Surgical Scrub 500 Ml, R-90 Catheter, Skin Stappler, Cidex Lotion 1 Liter, Hepamerz Granules, Surgical Blade Size 23 No, Surgical Blade Size 15 No, Eye Shield, Disposable Eye Sheet, Surgical Gloves 6.5, Surgical Gloves 7.5, Surgical Gloves 7, Central Line, Blood Transfusion Set, Folleys Catheter, Vaccum Suction Catheter, Abdomenal Sponge, Hydroxy Ethyl Starch, E T Tube Size-7 No, Suction Catheter Size-6 No, Monocryl 3 0, Vicryl 1 0 Citting, Vicryl 1 0 Round Body, Ryles Tube, Liquid Paraffin 500 Ml, Liquid Betadine 500 Ml, 2 Octyl Cyanoacrylate Tissue Adhesive, ection Vitamin K 1 Mg, ection Heavy, ection Atracurium, ection Vecuronium, ection Myopyrolate, ection Neostigmine, ection Tranexamic Acid, ection Depamedrol, ection Furosemide 40 Mg Per 4 Ml, ection Pheniramine Meleate 2 Ml, ection Metoprolol, ection Oxytocin, ection Ergometrine, ection Glyco P, ection Tramadol, ection Gentamycin, ection Sensorcaine 2 Percent, ection Sucol, ection Try Blue, ection Kenacort, ection Ciprofloxacin 100 Ml, Disposable Syringe 2 Ml, Disposable Syringe 10 Ml, I V Set, Surgical Spirit 500 Ml, Surgical Gauze Than, I V Cannula 18 No, I V Cannula 20 No, I V Cannula 22 No, I V Cannula 24 No, Ecg Paper For Cardiart 9108, Vicryl 1 Code Vp 2347, Crepe Bandage 10 Cm, Blood Glucose Test Strip For Gluneo Lite

Due Date
14 Oct, 2022
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