Angle Frame Tenders

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Ref. No #22635490 Central Government/Public Sector Live

Supply Of Civil Materials-, River Sand, Red Clay Bricks, Cement, Coarse Aggregate, Brush Bond, Nitobond Sbr, Nitobond Ep, Brush Bond Roofguard, Brush Bond Wallguard, Floor Tiles, Wall Putty, Civil Tools -, Garden Spades, Crowbar, Spades, Spirit Level, Water Level Pipe, Plumb Bob, Sieve Mesh, Head Pans, Thread Bindals, Brick Layingtrowel, Groove Trowel, Wooden Levelling Handle Trowel, Iron Soil Compacion Tool, Small Hammer Big Hammer Gun, Right , Extendable Aluminium Ladder, Tiles Cutting Machine, Brushes, Saftey Googles, Saftey Gloves Pair, Concrete Breaker, Carpenatry Materials -, M.S Hinges Powder Coated, Stainless Steel Screws, Iron Nails, S.S.Screws, Wood Cutting Blades, Cutting Blades, Glass Putty, Steel And Iron Cutting Blades, Emery Papersalt Papers, Welding Electrodes, Fevicol, Pin Headed Glass General Full Size Shape, Wpvc 12Mm Board 6’X4’X3, Wpvc Bathroom Door, Stainless Stee Window Handles, Flush Type Door, Carpenatry Tools-, Diamond Tipped Glass Cutters, Cutting Pliers, Needle Pliers, Try Square, Drill Bits Set, Gho 6500 Professional Planer, Chisels, Mortiser Chisels, Ball Pin Hammers Local Made, Small Hammers Local Made, Spanners Set, Star Screw Bits, Wood Cutting Machine, Paper Machine, Drilling Machine, Wall Drilling Machine, Mesh Cutters, Wall Bits Set, Grinder With 11.5 Chainsaw Heavy Duty Corded Chainsaw, Electric Chain Saw

Due Date
15 Dec, 2021
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