Angle Plate Tenders

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Ref. No #25143584 State Government Live   GeM Tender

Supply of Steel Rule Graduated Both In Metric And English Unit, Straight Edge Steel, Spirit Level Metal Type - 2, Stud Extractor Ezy - Out, Combination Set, Micrometer Inside With Extension Rods., Screw Pitch Gauge Metric, Wire Gauge, , Universal Scribing Block., V-Block Pair With Clamps, , Punch Letter Set., Punch Number Set., Portable Hand Drill Electric, Drill Twist Straight Shank, Drill Twist Taper Shank, Taps And Dies Complete Set In Box., Taps And Dies Complete Set, File Knife Edge Smooth, File Feather Edge Smooth, File Triangular Smooth, File Round Second Cut, File Square Second Cut, Feeler Gauge, File Triangular Second Cut., File Flat Second Cut Safe Edge., File Flat Bastard, File Flat Bastard., File Swiss Type Needle, File Half Round Second Cut., File Half Round Bastard., File Round Bastard., File Hand Second Cut., File Card., Oil Can, Pliers Combination Insulated, Wooden Handle Forged Soldering Iron Copper Bit., Blow Lamp, Spanner- Double Ended, Spanner Adjustable, Interchangeable Ratchet Socket Set, Double Ended Tubular Box Spanner Set With Tommy Bar., Glass Magnifying, Clamp Toolmaker, Clamp C, 2.Clamp C, Hand Reamer Set Taper Pin Straight Flute, Machine Reamer Parallel Helical Flute, Scraper Flat, Scraper Triangular, Scraper Half Round, Chisel Cold Crosscut Diamond Point, Chisel Cold Flat, Chisel Cold Round Nose, Drill Chuck With Key, Pipe Wrench, Pipe Vice, Adjustable Pipe Die Set Bsp, Wheel Dresser One For 4 Units, Machine Vice - Swivel Base, Sleeve Drill Morse, Wing Compass., Hand Hammer With Handle., Torque Wrench Standard Ratchet Type, Power Tools For Fastening, Different Profile Gauges Type - For Demonstration, Knurling Tool, Indexable Boring Bar With Inserts, Machine Maintenance Manual, Temperature Gauge, Dowel Pin Straight, Standard Tap Screws, Lapping , Medium Carbon Heat Treated Alloy Steel For Displayof Standard Length, Caps Screws, Drill Gauges, Cast Iron Globe Valve Flanged Type, C.I. Sluice Gate Valve Flanged Type, Stop Cock, M.S. Pipe, G.I. Pipe, Slip-On Forged Steel Flange, Bolt And Nut With Washermay Be Manufactured Inhouse, Pipe Threading Die With Handle, Jigs And Fixture Sample, Pulleys For V Belt Or Flat Belt, Steel Keys May Be Manufactured In House, Damaged Old Spur Gear, V-Belt And Flat Belt, Packing Gasket, Washer, Clutch, Keys, Jib, Cotter And Circlip, Hollow Punch, Drill Drift May Be Manufactured Inhouse, Bearing Different Types, Lifting Sling, Bearing Extractor, Pulley Extractor, Trammel, Pocker, Prick Punch, Mallet., Aviation Snips Straight Cut, Flat Headed Hammers With Handle., Planishing Hammer., Snip Bent Left Cut, Stake Hatchet With Leg., Stake Grooving., Gauge Snap Go And Not Go, Dial Test Indicator On Stand, Sine Bar, Engineers Try Square Knifeedge, Surface Roughness Comparison s, Carbide Wear Block., Lathe Tools H.S.S. Tipped Set., Lathe Tools Bit., Arm Strong Type Tool Bit Holder., Stilson Wrenches, Pipe Cutter Wheel Type., Pipe Bender Machine Spool Type With Stand Manually Operated., Adjustable Pipe Chain Tonge To Take Pipes, Adjustable Spanner., Welder Cable, Lugs For Cable, Earth Clamps., Arc Welding Table All Metal Top With Positioner, Oxy - Acetylene Gas Welding Set Equipment, Gas Welding Table With Positioner With Fire Bricks, Welding Torch Tips Of Different Sizes For Oxy Acetylene Gas Welding, Gas Lighter., Trolley For Gas Cylinders., Chipping Hammer., Gloves Leather, Leather Apron., Spindle Key For Cylinder Valve., Welding Torches., Welding Goggles, Welding Helmet, Tip Cleaner

Due Date
22 Aug, 2022
50.00 Lacs