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Ref. No #31618671 Central Government/Public Sector Live   GeM Tender

Supply Of Medicine -Lignocaine By Linocaine Hcl 2 Percent With Adrenaline By, Gumpaintbottle 15Ml, Clove Oil Bottle Of 50Ml, Lignocaine Hcl Inj 2 Percent Without Adrenaline Vial Of 30Ml Suitable For Ophthalmicuse Also 1 80000, Anticaries Mouth Wash Containing Sodium, Gel For Root Canal Preparation Containing Water Soluble Lubricant 15 To 17 Edta Tube Of 3 To 5 Gm, Benzocaine 20 Percent Pectin Based Oral Ointment Tube Of 5 Gm, Desensitising Paste Stannous Fluoride Potasium Nitrate Sodium Monofluro Phosphate Tube Of 45 To 55 Gm, Chlorhexidine Mouthwash 0.12 Sugar And Alcohal Free Bottle Of 450 To 500 Ml In Amber Coloured Bottle, Povidone Iodine Germicidal Gargle 2 Percent W By V, Sodium Hypochlorite 5 Percent, Chlorhexidine Gluconate Solution, 60Vv Ethyl Alcohal With Benzalkonium, 0.5 Percentage W By V Chlorhexidine Gluconate In 70 Percentage V By V Ethyl Alcohol With Moisturizer 500 Ml Bott With Dispenser, 1 Percentage W By V Available Iodine In Non Oxynoi Iodine Surfactant, Chlorhexidine Gluconate2 Percentage In 70 Percentage Ispropyl Alcohol 500 Ml Bott, Hydrogen Peroxide, Disposable Aprons, Hand Gloves Size 7 1 By 2 Pair Of, Gloves Operational Size 8 Pair Of, Knife Amputation Blade 12 Cm Long Carbon Steel Chromium Plated, Knife d Packer Blade Size 1 Fitting Commercial No 15 Packet Of 6, Needle Suture Cutting Curved Tri Pointed Pkt Of 6 Size 3, Needle Suture Cutting Curved Pointed Pkt Of 6 Size 18, Suction Drain, Denture Cleaner Tablets Pack Of 3 40 Tablets, Denture Adhesive Powder Bottle 10 To 15Gm, Disposable Rvg Sensor Sleeves Pkt Of 1000, Plaster Dental Stone Pkt Of 1 Kg, Articulating Paper, Patient Bib Plastic, Suction Cleaning Solution Bott Of 1 Ltr, Plaster Or Paris Special Dental Grade 1, Crown And Bridge Plaster Diestone Super Hard For Pkt Of 100 Gms, Crown Preparation Kit Containing 14 To 15 Multilayered Diamond Titanium Nitride Coated Tips By Points, Bur Round Tungsten Carbide For Fg 1.0Mm, Bur Fissure Flat Cross Cut Tungsten Carbide For Fg 1 Pnt 2 Mm, Gutta Percha Points Set Of 02 Boxes Of Size 15 To 40 And 45 To 80 Box Of 120, Set Of Six Hand Niti Tapered Files 31 Mm Length With Corresponding Gutta Percha Points And Paper Points Cimplete Kit, Material Restorative Glass Ionomer Type Ii For Filling Containing Powder 10 To 15 Gm And Liq Set, Sol Sod Hypochlorite 2 Percent For Endodontic Irrigation Bott Of 500 Ml, Root Canal Sealer Paste For Obturation Cotaining Two Tubes Preloaded Syringes, Set Of Six Hand Niti Tapered Files 25 Mm Lenth With Corresponding Gutta Percha Point Complete Kit For Dental Use

Due Date
01 May, 2024
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