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Supply Of A Text Book Of Agricultural Statistics, A Textbook Of Fungi Bacteria And Viruses, Agricultural Pests Of South Asia And Their Management, Biotechnology Expanding Horizons, Crop Diseases Management Principles And Practices, Diseases Of Crop Plants In India, Education And Communication For Development, Essentials Of Agricultural Entomology, Essentials Of Plant Breeding, Extension Communication And Management, Fruit Crops, Fruits And Vegetable Preservation Principles And Practice, Fundamentals Of Agricultural Entomology, Fundamentals Of Genetics, Fundamentals Of Mathematics Statistics, Introduction To Microbiology, Introduction To Principles Of Pathology, Manures And Fertilizers., Marker Assisted Plant Breeding Principles And Practices, Plant Breeding In Twenty First Century, Plant Diseases, Plant Pathology, Principles Of Plant Breeding, Text Book Of Soil Science, Vegetables, A Handbook Of Soil Fertilizer And Manure, A Text Book On Production Technology Of Vegetables, A Textbook Of Biotechnology, A Textbook Of Pedology Concepts And Applications, A Textbook Of Seed Science And Technology, Agricultural Biotechnology, Agricultural Economics, An Introduction To Integrated Pest Management, An Introduction To Mycology, Biochemistry, Breeding Asian Field Crops, Breeding Of Horticultural Crops Principles And Practices, Communication Skills And Personality Development, Differential Calculus, Economics Of Farm Production And Management, Elements Of Agricultural Engineering, Elements Of Economic Entomology, Floriculture In India, Fundamentals Of Soil Science, Higher Algebra, Integral Calculus, Introduction To Horticulture, Introductory Soil Science, Livestock Production Management, Mathematical Statistics, Modern Techniques Of Raising Field Crops, Ornamental Crops, Plant Breeding Principles And Methods, Principles And Methods, Plant Breeding Theory And Practices, Plant Pathogens The Fungi, Plant Pathogens The Prokaryotes, Plant Taxonomy, Principles Of Insect Pest Management, Seed Science And Technology, Seed Technology, The Nature And Properties Of Soils, Truemans Elementary Biology, Vegetable Breeding Principles And Practices, Vegetable Science And Technology In India, A Foundation Course In Human Values And Professional Ethics, A Handbook Of Extension Education, A Text Book Of Plant Nematology, A Textbook Of Agriculture Extension Education, A Textbook Of Plant Pathology, Advances In Protected Cultivation, Agricultural Marketing, Agricultural Physics, Agricultural Price Analysis, Applications Of Soil Physics, Biometrical Techniques In Plant Breeding, Biotechnology And Genomics, Classical And Molecular Approaches In Plant Breeding, Computer Fundamentals, Concepts Of Process Engineering, Concepts Of Genetics, Crop Diseases And Their Management, Crop Improvement And Mutation Breeding, Crop Management Under Irrigated And Rainfed Conditions, Cucurbit Vegetables Biology Production And Utilization, Cytogenetics, Diseases Of Vegetable Crops, Ecology And Environment, Elementary-Economics Theory, Entrepreneurship Development And Management, Fruit Tree Physiology, Fundamentals Of And Nutrition, Fundamentals Of Plant Physiology, Fundamentals Of Soil Physics, Fundamentals Of Statistics, Fundamentals Of Statistics Volume One And Two, Genetics Indian Edition, Genetics Numerical Problems, Genome Analysis And Bioinformatics A Practical Approach, Genomes Two To Four, Handbook Of Organic Farming, Handbook Of Vegetable Crops, International Economics Theory And Policy, Introduction To Biotechnology, Introduction To Environment And Disaster Management, Irrigation And Drainage, Lewins Genes Twelve, Life Science Vol One And Two, Marketing Management Indian Context Global Perspective, Mathematics Of Class Eleven, Mathematics Of Class Twelve, Medicinal Plants, Molecular Biology Of The Gene, New Horizons In Insect Science Towards Sustainable Pest Management, Organic Vegetable Production, Physiology Of Crop Plants, Plant Biotechnology The Genetic Manipulation Of Plants, Plant Physiology, Plant Viruses Diseases And Their Management, Practical Agricultural Meteorology, Practicals In Plant Physiology And Biochemistry, Propagation Of Horticultural Crops Principles And Practices, Soil Fertility And Fertilizers An Introduction To Nutrient Management, Soil Physics, Systematic Pomology Vol One And Two, The Embryology Of Angiosperm, Nutrition And Disease Management Of Poultry, Soil Microorganisms And Plant Growth, Soil Physics Companion, A Text Book On Pomology Fundamentals Vol One Two And Three, A Textbook Of Agroforestry Principles Practices And Applications, Advances In Plant Breeding Strategies Fruits Volume Three, Agri Business Concept And Current Challenges, Agricultural Ecology And Environment, Agriculture Finance And Management, Agricultural Insect Pests And Their Control, Agriculture And Rural Development, Agriculture Finance, Agriculture Graduates Aptitude Towards Entrepreneurship Development, Agroforestry Principles And Practices, Agrometeorology And Remote Sensing Principles And Practices, Agrotechnology For Dryland Farming, Genetics And Breeding, Nutrition, Nutrition And Feeding Practices, Nutrition In Tropics, Applied Statistics For Agriculture Veterinary Fishery Dairy And Allied Fields, Biofertilizers Technology Importance And Their Uses, Bioinformatics And Functional Genomics Etc.

Due Date
31 May, 2024
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