Animal Production Equipment Tenders

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Supply And Installation Of Lab s And Material -Auger, Dutch Hand Hoe, Garden Hand Tools, Garden Hoes, Garden Knife , Garden Rakes, Garden Fork, Garden Spade, Hand Sieves, Hoe, Knapsack Sprayer, Leaf Rake, Levelers, Pruning Saw, Pruners, Pruning Knife , Secateurs , Specialty Spades, Soil Scoop, Sprinklers, Trowels, Watering Can, Ph Meter, Power Tiller, Wheel Borough, Milking Machine, Identification Equipement For s, Khudali , Soil Testing Kit, Models Of Implements Used In Crops, Bucket Knapsack- Plastic Body 15 Ltr Capacity , Hand Automizer Sprayer- Having Capacity Of 500 Ml, Pheromone Trap , Models Related To Breeds Of Cow And Buffalo, Models Related To Teeth, Rotation Drum, Models Related To Various Types Of Houses, Charts Related To Fodder Crop, Charts Related To Feed, Charts To Related Breeds Of Cow And Buffalo, Charts Related To Houses, Charts Related To Chaff Cutter , Rope, Headge Cutting Scissor, Lactometer, Teat Siphon, Charts/Pictures Related To Health Hazards, Charts/Pictures Related To Milk Machine, Charts/Pictures Related To Milking Method, Charts/Pictures Related To Clean Milk , Charts/Pictures Related To Dairy Records, Charts/Pictures Related To Tincture Iodine, Charts/Pictures Related To Safety Measure, Charts/Pictures Related To Vaccination Schedule To s, Charts/ Pictures Related To Dairy s Welfare Legislation, Charts/Pictures Related To Health Hazards, Germination Test , Milk Analytic Instruments, Milk Fat Testing Machine , Models Of Sprinklers Irrigation , Model Of Drip Irrigation, Tagadi, Shovels, Seedbed Preparation Spade- Handle , Personal Protective Ppe - Include Gloves, Foot And Eye Protection, Protective Hearing Devices Earplugs, Muffs Hard Hats, Respirators And Fully Body Suits. , Grass Cutting Machine - Manually Operated, Made Of Stainless Steel, Wheel Operated, Duster Related To Agriculture- Having Capacity Of 10 Litre, First Aid Box- With All Necessary First Aid Material For Vocational Education Lab Agriculture

Due Date
03 Oct, 2022
3.00 Lacs