Antenna Spares Tenders

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Ref. No #25532251 Central Government/Public Sector Live

Procurement Of -Nut, Socket, Hollow Rivet, Glass, Screw, Filter, Edging, Al Profile, Glass Red , Anchores, Press Lubricator, Bracket, Fuse, Magnetron, Trimble 2101 I/O Approach Plus Gps Rxr/Display, Ignition Coil, Control Stick, Ramp Hydraulic Cylinder, Ac Generator, Voltmeter, Trimble 2101 1/O Approach Plus, Code Device, Beam Wave guide, Wind Shield Wiper Brush, Type Iii Cap, Bore Sight Target, Electric Motor, Exhaust Stack, Main Lg Actuating Cylinder, Bracket Assy, Duralumin Sheet, Heat Shrinking Marking Sleeve , Shroud, Intermediate Casing, Pneumatic Starter, Opening, Diaphragm, Armature Assy, Button, Cassette , Panel Plate, Collar, Plunger, Wind Screen Wiper Left, Switching Unit , Anti Collision Led Bulb, Power Supply Unit, Gear, Bridge, Bearing Nut, Pipe, S Ring, Nipple, Pvc Tube, Pin, Green Navigation Led Bulb, Cap, Ring, Washer, Roller Bearing , Bearing, Ring, Lock, Lamp, Bearing, Boot Sealing, Bearing, Coil, Wire Rope , Rubber Ring, Bearing, Cup-Type Seal, Clutch, Friction Facing Brake shoe, Cup-Type Seal, S Ring, Sleeve pts, Bearing, Tank Assy Plastic, Bearing, Rubber Ring, Section, Elect Motor, Clamp, Piping, Engine Control Rod, Lock Cowl Clamping, Indicator, Ring, Sleeve, Shipping Plate, Counter Meter, Dust Protection Device, Relay, Bracket , Electric Magnetic Valve, Sleeve, Stud, Hub, Casing, Tail Skid Frame, Gb Housing, Cage Assy, Fitting Lower, Fairing, Damper Pitot Sys, Pcb L1 And L2, Special Nut, Panel Glass Heated Lh, Bowden Cable Vertical, Sns Glonass Navigation Sensor And Aviation Application, Adjustable Control Stops, Nozzle, Bearing Sleeve, Hydro Booster Installation, Clamping Nozzle For Mi-Series

Due Date
07 Nov, 2022
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