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Aluminium Scrap Tenders

Find Online local tenders of Aluminium Scrap. View all Government tenders, e tender, Online Tender Notices published of Aluminium Scrap. Till date more than 100000+ tenders are published by various Government Department, Corporations, State, PSU’s & Private Companies of Aluminium Scrap. Get live tenders which are available of Aluminium Scrap for your various products, services and Works on your E-Mail and Get Bidding Support

Ref. No #20634242 State Government Live

Auction Of Scrap Materials-1458 Of 12 Pvc Connection Pvc- Body Pvc Connection Ss- Body Jet Ss-Body Toilet Seat Cover Syphon Plastic-Body Urinal Syphon Plastic-Body Showerplastic-Body Hand Shower Ss-Body Pvc Connection For Sower Handle Ss- Body Bottle Trap Ss-Body Pvc Ball Grating 4 Ss-Body Piller Cock Ss-Body Angle Valve Ss-Body Long Bend Pvc-Body Gate Valve Ms Chisel -1 Ms Hammer- 1Kg Ms Parrot Player Ms Pipe Wrench 14” Ms Pipe Wrench 18” Aluminium Door Stopper Aluminium Door Stopper Door Closer Plan Glass Pillar Cock Mixture For Kitchen Sink Ss-Body Bass Basing Mixture Ss Boday Slider 18 Ss-Body Slider 20 Ss-Body Soap Dispenser Plastic Soap Dispenser Ss-Body Floor Spring Machine Pad Lock Central Lock Cylinder Lock Glass Door Lock Aluminium Tower Bolt Door Shutter System 03 Nos Silicon Tube Aluminium Water Sprinkler Water Purifer System Pvc & Ss Body Of 12 Aluminium Strip In Small Pices Ms Water Meter 5 Nos Brass Water Meter 4 Nos Ball Valve 3/4 Other Ms Items In Small Pices Like : Ms Ring, Ms Pipe, Ms Clamp, Ms Plates, Ms Nut Bolts, Etc. Exhaust Fan With Motor Wc Seat Wooden Door Gi Duct Chemical Filter With Gi Grame Hippa Filter With Aluminium Nitrile Rubber Dia 2 25Mm Duct Insulation 3X3 Ms Valve, Ms Bend, Ms Gate Valve Carbon Filter With Gi Frame Rubber Flooring Size 2X2 Ss Fire Door Handle Ss Short Tap Ss Long Tap Ball Cock Gi Union 1.5 Halth Faucet Cpvc Ball Valve 3/4 Earl 8 Air Compressor Blower Generator Pump Water Circulating Pump Wooden Chair Matress Plastic Chair Gi Sheet Hdpe Pipe Fume Hood Pipe 8 Ms Pipe 1.5 Ms Angle Ms Channel 100X50mm Aluminium Strip Packing Wooden Box Office Chair Acp Sheet Scrubber Pipe1/2 Dia Pvc Water Storage Tank 500 Ltr Table Plastic Tripal Cover Kitche Drawer Ss+Wooden Fire Extinguishers Cylinder Wooden Window Plastice Cann 10 Ltr Plastice Cann 5 Ltr Plastice Cann 20 Ltr Dustbin Plastic

Due Date
29 Apr, 2021
Refer Document
Ref. No #20633239 Central Government/Public Sector Live

Supply Of Scrap Cable Aluminium Conductor With / Without Lead Shielding

Due Date
21 Apr, 2021
Refer Document
Ref. No #20616926 State Government Live

Rate Contract For The Supply Of Workshop Items Dpc Aluminium Wire Of Sizes 12, 14, 16, 17, 18, 19, 21, 22 Etc.Swg Conforming To Relevant Is Against Equal Quantity Of Scrap Dpc Copper Wire Of Sizes 12, 14, 16, 17, 18, 19, 21, 22 Etc. Swg Conforming To Relevant Is Against Equal Quantity Of Scrap Super Enamelled Aluminium Wire Of Sizes 16, 18 Etc. Swg Super Enamelled Copper Wire Of Sizes 16, 18 Etc. Swg Fevicol Adhessive Glue Gum Bush Rods Lt 12 Mm Brass Bush Rods Lt 16 Mm Brass Bush Rods Lt 20 Mm Brass Bush Rods Lt 24 Mm Brass Bush Rods Lt 32 Mm Brass Bush Rods Lt 35 Mm Brass Heater Element For Transformer Oil Filtration Plant Heating Element For Dehydration Oven Tape Rolls Pvc Hexa Blades Card Board 1Mm Card Board 2Mm Card Board 3.5Mm Ht Brown Paper 3 Mill, 2.5 Mill Dpc Aluminium Strip Of Sizes For Lv Winding Of Distribution Transformers 63Kva To 250 Kva In Exchange Of 1 Kg Of Scrap Of Salvaged Conductor Press Card Board Soft Calendared-Solid 1Mm/2Mm/3Mm Electrical Grade Kraft Paper 3 Mil Lethoride Paper 10 Mil, 20 Mil Navar Cotton Tape 1 Width, 35 M Long Rubberized Cork Sheet 4 Mm Thick 2Ftx3ft Bakelite Tube 12Mm Dia 1M Long Bakelite Tube 12Mm Dia 2.5M Long Bakelite Tube 12Mm Dia 4M Long Digital Multimeter Cork Washers 12Mm Dia For 100 Kva Cork Washers 20Mm Dia For 250 Kva Glass Wool Ampere Sleaves 2Mm Glass Wool Ampere Sleaves 4Mm Glass Wool Ampere Sleaves 6Mm Glass Wool Ampere Sleaves 8Mm Glass Wool Ampere Sleaves 12Mm Pvc Sheet 20 No. Workshop Tool Kit Packing Gutties Wooden Gutties Cork Sheet Strip 4Mm/6Mm X 2 Inch Width Welding Rods Body Solder Bombay Masala Magger 5000 V Hook-On-Meter Card Board Cutter Mannual Portable Weighing Machine Digital Capacity Upto 100 Kg Water Wizzard Pump 1Hp Rubber Pipe 1 Inch Dia Industrial Uniform Dangri Rubber Shoes Cutting Plairs Taparia Make Transformer Oil Surf Excel Soap Cake Type Socket Spanner Hand Tool Goti Spanner Supply Of Dhoti Cloth Oil Sealrubber Oil Pump Manual Floor Wipers Oil Seal Washer 12Mm Oil Seal Washer 18Mm Oil Seal Washer 30Mm Test Terminal Block 2 Hp Motor Reputed Make Arc Welding Portable Machine 300A, Digital Reputed Make Stabiliser 100Kva Manual Reputed Make Table Drill Machine Reputed Make Electric Gas Welding Machine 100A, 9Kw Reputed Make Automatic Welding Helmet Reputed Make Full Uniforms With Shoes Reputed Make Pillar Type Heaters 2 Kw Reputed Make Filtration Plant Pipes 1.5 Inch 80 Meters Wall Fans Socket Set 8Mm To 40 Mm Brazer For Joints Hammer Plastic Ripat For Joints For The Year 2021-22 In Respect Of Electric Division

Jammu And Kashmir
Due Date
24 Apr, 2021
60.00 Lacs