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Ref. No #20669047 State Government Live

Supply Of Stationery Item Alpine, Brown Paper, Battery, Broom Stick, Bound Register 200 Pages, Bucket Plastic, Bodkim, Bleaching Powder, Candle, Cloth Duster, Cotton Absorbent, Carbon Paper Pencil, Correction Pen, Chalk White, Chalk Colour, Chalk Dust Free, Cleaning Brush For Toilet, Cover File, Carbon Paper Dfc Kores, Cello Tape, Duster For White Board, Dot Pen Double Mouth, Dot Pen Gel, Dot Pen Use And Throw Different Colour, Envelop, Envelop, Envelop With Cloth Lining, Eresar, Eucalyptus Oil, Fc Paper White, File Cover, File Flap, Fevi Stick, Glass Tumbler, Liquid Gum, Hand Towel, Hit For Mosquito, Harpic, James Clip, Key Bag Leather, Lock And Key Link 6 Liver, Life Buoy Soap, Liquid Soap For Hand Wash, Match Box, Marking Pen, Marker Pen For White Board, Mug Plastic, Mosquito Coil, Muriatic Acid, Napthalin Ball, Ohp Screen, Ohp Marker, Ohp Bulb, Plastic Paper Tray, Pencil Sharpener, Peon Book, Paper Weight, Post Mortem Jar, Pen Stand, Plastic Bucket, Pin Cushion, Pin For Stapler Machine, Pin For Stapler Machine, Paper Cutting Knife, Phenyl, Paper Clip, Plastic Bean With Lid, Poly Bean Bag, Pencil Battery, Rubber Stamp Ink, Rubber Stamp, Life Buoy Soap, Room Freshener, Soap Case, Floor Brush, Sealing Wax, Stapler Machine, Soda, Soft Attendance Register, Jute Swab, Stick Swab, Sponge With Case, Stamp Pad, Sicker With Gum, Tag, Twin Thread Ball, Table Glass, Torch 2 Cell, Torch 3 Cell, Turkish Towel, Wooden Pencil, Wooden Duster, Plastic Scale, Plastic Scale, Waste Paper Busket, Washing Powder, White Board, Xerox Paper, Black Board, Paper Cutting Scissor, Screen, Foot Operated Dustbin, Calculator, Pencil Battery, Battery For Microphone, Richo Toner

West Bengal
Due Date
12 May, 2021
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