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Ref. No #20555536 State Government Live

Procurement Of Most Critical Spares Lp Cylinder Assly. Lp Cylinder “O Ringvalve Cover Suc “O Ringvalve Cover Del Lp Inner & Outer Cover Assly. Lp Cylinder Inner Cover Packing Cylinder Inner Cover To Cross Head Guide Outer Cover Lp Cylinder Packing For Blind Flange Hp Cylinder Assly. Hp Cylinder Water Jacket Cover Valve Coversuc Valve Coverde Valve Holdersuc Valve Holderdel “O Ringvalve Cover Suc “O Ringvalve Cover Del Hp Inner & Outer Cover Assy. Hp Inner Cover Hp Outer Cover Lp Piston Ring &Rod Assly Piston Rod And Seal Piston Head Nut Piston Washer Plain Steel 31X10.5 Piston Ring Crosshead Hex. Nut Piston Sealing Ring Hp Piston Ring & Rod Assly. Piston Rod And Seal Piston Rod Piston Ring Piston Guide Ring Crosshead Assembly Crosshead Without Shoe Crosshead Gudgeon Pin Crosshead Guide Assembly Crosshead Guide Crankcase Assembly Crankcase Assembly Stud M20x2.5X120l Oil Scrapper Connecting Rod Assy. Connecting Rod&Cap Machine Connecting Rod Bolt Split Pin Crankshaft Assembly Crankshaft Lp Suction Valve Assly. Valve Plate Cushion Plate Stud Special M16x1.5X8 L Spring Helical Comp 03.00Dia Unloading Fork Split Pin Lock Washer Washer Plain Steel 14X3.3 O Ring Nitr-X1.859”X0.139”Xc Outer Ring Hp Suction Valve Assly. Suction Valve Valve Seat Valve Guard Valve Plate Spring Helical Comp 00.50 Dia Cushion Plate Suc Valve Bolt Valve Split Pin Ø3x22 Valve Circlip Lp Delivery Valve Assly Valve Delivery Assly Valve Plate Cushion Plate Valve Spring Castle Nut Lp M12x1.5 Hp Delivery Valve Assly Valve Assly Valve Plate Valve Spring Lift Washer Castle Nut M12x1.5 Hp Suction Unloader Assy. Valve Pusher Assly. Unloader Bush Unloader Piston Unloader Cylinder Nut Lock M18x1.5 Unloader Spring O Ring Sili 35.5X29.500 Washer Plain Copper Gland Packing Assly. Gland Packing Assly. 6 Piece Packing With Gs Tengent Withttengent Garter Spring Tengent Gear Pump Assembly Gear Pump O Ring Drive Assy. For Gear Pump Flexible Coupling Assly. Distance Piece Assembly Oil Wiper Ring Intercooler Assembly Sealing Ringintercooler Intercooler O Ring After Cooler O Ring After Cooler O Ring Air Suction Filter Cum Silencer Assly Filter Element Assly Oil Filter With Regulating V/V Assly. Oil Filter Assly. Oil Filter Assly.Strainer Filter Element Complete For Oil Filter Assy. Flywheel Assembly Flywheel Gib Head Key Additional Component Motor Pulley For Instrument Air Compressors Make Kirloskar Pneumatics Co Ltd Model T Btd Pm Installed In Ash Handling Plant I Units 1 And 2 Sgtps

Madhya Pradesh
Due Date
19 Apr, 2021
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Ref. No #20545106 Corporations/Associations/Others Live

Supply of Bomb Basket, Bomb Blanket

Due Date
16 Apr, 2021
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Ref. No #20548942 Central Government/Public Sector Live

Fixation Of Rates Of 227 Lines Of Spares Filter Element - Compressor Suction Filter Element - Engine Suction Filter Element - Compressor Lub Oil Filter Element - Engine Lubricating Oil Fuel Filter Element Pre Fuel Filter Element Micro Copper Washer Sealing Ring For Cold Air Adaptor Gasket-Compressor Suction Seal Ring Dryer - End Flange Compressor Oil 15W50 Ac Motor With Gearbox For Dryer, 90 W, 230V Adapter For Aircraft Assly Auto Drain Valve 1/2 Bspf Auto Lift Gas Spring Ball Beairng- Skf 6209 2 Rs1 Ball Valve 1/4 Bsp Ball Valve 3 Way Brake Cable Battery Cable - Ve Battery Cable + Ve Battery Cable, Battery To Battery Bearing - Dryer Skf 6005-2Rs1 Bearing Skf 6309 2Rs1 Blanking Cap For Cold Air Hose Clamp Hose Id 22 To 30 Clamp Hose Id 38 To 50 Cold Air Hose With Coupling 100Nb/5 Cold Air Presure Gauge Compresor Assembly Coupling Half 3 Drain Cock 3/8 Bsp Drain Cock 1/2Drain Cock 3/8 Bsp Drive Spider Engine Stop Sol. Valve 12 Vdc Expander Assly Fire Extinghisher Frequency Converter Fuel Level Gauge Fuel Pipe Fuel Pipe Fuel Pipe Gasket After Cooler Flange Gasket - Dryer End Flanges Glass Fuse 5 Amps, 20 Mm Globe Valve 1 1/2 Bsp, 10 Kg/Cm2 Globe Valve 1/2 Bsp, 16 Kg/Cm2 Globe Valve 3/4 Bsp, 16 Kg/Cm2 Globe Valve Forged Steel 40 Nb Hose Bend Hose Coupling Half Hose Pipe Assembly 1 1/2 X 50 Hose Pipe Assembly 3/4 X 100 Hose Pipe Assembly 3/4 X 18 Hose Pipe Assembly 3/4 X 50 Hose Pipe Assembly 3/8 X 100 Hose Pipe Assembly 3/8 X 70 Hose Pipe Assembly 3/4 X 80 Hose Pipe Assly 3/4 X 32 Hose Silicon - Air Dryer Indicating Lamp - Red 230 Vac Indicating Lamp - Red 240 Vdc Inner Ring - Dryer Input Choke For Ac For Vfd Leak Off Pipe - Extension Lip Seal - Air Dryer Lub Oil Pump With Motor 24 V Dc Magnetic Drain Plug Mcb 1-Pole 10 A Non Return Valve 3/4 O Ring - X09.100X1.600 Oxa/C Obstacale Lamp 24Vdc Obstacle Bulb - 24 V Dc Obstacle Lamp Red 24 Vdc Oil Level Indicator 1 Size Engine C Check Kit Oil Pressure Regulator Assembly Oil Seal Size 65-85-8 Pipe For Lub Oil Pressure Gauge 2M Lng Plug In Relay 2 C/O 24 Vdc Pressure Gauge-Engine Oil Pressure 0-10 Kg/Cm2 Pressure Gauge 0-6 Kg/Cm2 Pressure Switch Pressure Switch - Lub Oil, Engine Pressure Switch Ips 100 Programmable Logic Controller 24 Vdc Push Button 24 Vdc Pusher Fan - Multi Wing - Dia 36 Radial Seal For Gear Box Rpm Meter 12V/ 24V Rubber Block Rubber Pad - Engine Front Bracket Rubber Pad - Engine Rear Bracket Safety Valve 2 Bsp 1.5 - 2.5 Kg/Cm2 Seal Ptfe - Air Dryer Search Light 24 Vdc Search Light Bulb 24 V Dc Sensor Unit - Water, Engine Ss Corrugated Hose - 1 1/2 X 16 Lg Suction Pipe Assly - Fuel Tank Tab Washer T Bolt Type Jt 6A 20 Temp Indicator Pt 100, . 230 Vac Temp.Sensor Pt100 3/[email protected] Bsp Temp.Switch Rt 123 150-250 Deg C Temperature Gauge 40-125 Deg C Temperature Gauge, Hot Air Temperature Switch Rt101 Temperature Gauge- Water 12 Vdc Temperatureswtich - Water, Engine Tube For Tyre Size 7.50-16 Lt Tyre For Wheel Assembly Without Tube U Bolt With Plate Vernier Control Cable Assly Voltage Inverter I/P - 24Vdc, O/P-230 Vac, 250 Va Water Inlet Pipe - Bypass Water Inlet Pipe - Radiator To Engine Water Inlet Pipe - Radiator To Engine Water Outlet Pipe - Engine To Radiator Wheel For Mixing Valve Y Connector For Connecting To Aircraft V Belt Xpa 1250 V Belt Spb Flexible Duct - Compressor Suction Hose Connector Adapter Suction Lub Oil Pump 3/4Bsp Pl Xm30 X 2P Adapter For Lub Oil Filter Air Filter Assembly Assembly Of Stud Taper Male Coup Bspt 1/4 Auxiliary Lub Oil Pump With 24V Dc Motor Balata Packing 50 Mm Wide X 6 Mm Th Ball Valve 1/2 Bsp Bolt Hex Std M 10X1.5X50l Bracket For Engine Filter Mounting Bracket For Speed Control Cable Breather Pipe No 1 For Gear Housing Cable 1C X1.5Mmsq;Pvc Frls, Cu Conductor, 1100Vgr Black Colour Cable Flexible Frls Pvc Ins6 Sq.Mm Single Core Multistand Copper Cold Air Hose -100Nb 10Mtr Lg Cold Air Hose Coupling Assembly Connector For Diesel Tank Sensor Control Panel For Sat-650 Controller With 7Hmi D18, D08, Ai4, Rtd4, Ao2 Coupling Cover- Dryer Dc To Dc Converter 24V Diesel Tank Harness Inside Of Rtd Harness Drier Wheel Dryer Motor Harness Elbow Elbow 11/2 Bsp M X 11/2 Bsp F Ms Galvanised Elbow Equal Female G1/2 Electrical Switch Type Clogging Indicator Electronic Hooter Esd Make End Cap For Cold Air Hose 50 Nb End Cover Inlet-Air Dryer End Cover Outlet-Air Dryer Expansion Box Fan 40 Pusher Fan Adapter Filter Clogging Harness Flexible Hose R3 3/4 Bsp X 800 Mm Both End 90 Degree Elbow At Sam Flexible Hose R5 1 3/8 Hose Id X 1 1/2 Bsp Both End Straight X 320Mm Fuel Tank Fuel Tank Unit Gasket Flange Connection-Dryer Gasket After Cooler Flange Gasket Flange Connection-Compressor Gasket For Silencer Gasket Round Flange 80Nb Heater Push Button Heavy Duty Hose2.5 Mtr. Long Having Both End Female Conn. Suitable For M14ba Hose 3/4 Bsp F X 120 L Or 3050 Mm Long. Oil Cooler To Oil Terminal Hose Assembly 1X28l, 90 Deg X St Hose Assly 1/2 Bsp X 500Mm Hose Band Suction Side Without Clogging Indicator Hose Bend For Hot / Low Temperator Hose Bend Suction With Clogging Indicator Socket Hose Connector Hose Connector Elbow 1-2 Bspp Hose Hump Indicating Lamp, Red 24 Vdc Supply Phi 22.5 Invertor In 24 Vdc, Out 230Vac Jacket Cover Insulation 6Mm Thk X 1 Mtr. Super Foam Sheet Male Connector 1/4Bsptx 10 O.D-Tube Assly Male Stud Coupling 1/8Bspt X 10 O.D Male Stud Elbow 1/4Bspt X 10 O.D Nipple Hex 1/2 Nipple Hex Ext P1/2Tr Nut Hex M10x1.5 Oil Level Indicator G1 1/2 Oil Pan-Gear Box Oil Terminal S S Construction Pressure Transmitter & Temp. Transmitter Harness Pressure Transmitter 0-1.6Kg/Cm2 Pressure Transmitter 0-4Kg/Cm2 Pressure Transmitter 4 To 20 Ma, 8.2 To 34 V Dc, 0-16 Bar Pump Motor Cable Harness Radiator And Aftercoolers Assly Residential Silencer Retainer Plate Ring Driving Rotor Housing Dryer Safety Valve 2 Bsp 2-5 Kg/Cm Set Of O Rings Socket Bsp 1/4 M S E Special Elbow-3/4Bspf X M22 X 1.5P Engine Oil Pump Special Union 11/2X3/4Bsp Special Union M18x1.5X1/2Bsp With O Ring & Retaining Ring Spl Union 3/8Bsptx3/8Bsp Spl Union G1/2Xm14 Ss Corrugated Hose-1 1/2 Bsp X 600 Mm L Start Up Screen For Srm Compressor And Expander Start Up Screen Suction Filter Mounting Bracket Suction Piping From Atmosphere To Suction Filter Inlet Suction Piping From Suction Filter To Air End T-Bolt Clamp Type Temperature Sensor Pt-100 Union 3/4 Pl. X 3/4 Tr Valve Gate 1-1/2Bsp; Screwed Pn 16# Vfd, 0.37 Kw Washer Spring Steel Id 10.2X2.2Thk Water Inlet Pipe No-1 Assemblyradiator To Engine Water Inlet Pipe No-2 Radiator To Engine Water Outlet Pipe Engine To Radiator For M/S Kpcl Make Sat-650 Qty- 72

Due Date
14 Apr, 2021
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