Clutch Tenders

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Ref. No #22595225 Central Government/Public Sector Live   GeM Tender

Supply Of Bush, Pressure Hose, Front Spring Jpsl Make, S/A Of Rubber Hose, Set Screw, Non Return Valve, Motiff B, Derag Link Assy, Gasket Thruest Shaft, Oil Seal Hub Outer Fenner, Spl Washer U Bolt, Nyloc Nut Plate, Tank Unit Single Pole, Rubber Pad, Bonnet Rubber Seal, Hazard Warning Switch, Spacer Oil Seal, Nut, Head Lamp Embellisher Lh Plastic, Cable Gaiter, Rubber Grommet, S/A Of Wire Rope Bsh, Return Line Hose, Breather, Oil Seal, Rear Spring Front Brkt, Sia Of Clutch Pedal Lever, Jaw End, Link Rod, Head Lamp Embellisher Rh, S/A Of Radiator And Dat, Silencer O Clamp, Max-Cut Screw, S/A Of Nylon Hose Solenoid To Pto, Charge Air Cooler, Return Line Hose, Plug Drain Magnetic, Oil Level Indicator, Cartridge, Axle Shaft Long For Rear Lh, Adaptor On Tank Neck Union, Meta Cone Mtg, Mounting Pad Front, Slave Cylinder, Zf Gear Box Gasket Kit, Clutch Body Synchro Cone, Needle Roller Brg 4Th Gear, End Assy Lh, End Assy Rh, Shackle With Bushing Front, Vacuum Indicator, Primary Cartridge, Safety Cartridge, Hump Hose, Delrin Bush Lh/Rh, Nut, Nut Simmonds, Hose Cac Out Let, Bolt, Front Shock Absorber, Drain Plug Magnetic, Hose At Thermostat, Oil Seal, Oil Seal Rear, Exhaust Brake 3Butter Fly Type, Synchro Cone Clutch Body, 4Th Gear On Main Shaft Common, Synchro Ring 3Rd & 4Ththin Moly, Synchro Ring 1St Speed, Side Head Lamp Switch, 1 St Gear, Wiper Arm Assy Rhd, Tail Lamp Assy, Selector Pad, Ball Joint Improved, Seal Kit, Gear Shift Knob, S/A Of Knuckle & Ball Joint, Fulcrum Pin, Bolt 3/8In Bsf, Propeller Shaft, Int Axl Propll Shaft With 1710 Spln, Bsf Bolt, Uj Kit Sil, Brake Chamber Lh Type-20, Brake Chamber Rh Type-20, R/Kit For Brake Chamber, King Pin Existing -Curb, Timken Brg Inner, Timken Brg Outer, O Ring Lh/Rh P1602836, Spring-Cam End, Spring-Fulcrum End, Dust Cover Assy Front, Center Bolt& Nut Kit, Gasket-Silastic, Flange Input, Oil Seal Input Shaft, Oil Seal Assy Thrust Shaft, Oil Seal Hub Inner, Brake Chamber Assy Lh, Brake Chamber Assy Rh, Dust Cover Lh Upper, Dust Cover Rh Lower, Companion Flange, Wheel Nut, Spring Eye Bush - Bimetal, Spring Shackle, Bolt, F S Bolt, Shackle Pinshackle, Bkt, U Bolt, Nut, Shackle Pin Mid And Rear, H Type Shackle, Shackle Pin Lever, Bell Crank Lever, Bush, Shackle Pin Tie Rod, Plain Washer-Cotter Pin, S/A Of Bell Crank Lever, Grease Nipple M10x1-90, Front Spring Front Brkt, Rear Spring Rear Bracket, Drop Arm, Uj Clamping Bolt, Tank Assy, S/A Of Pipe Pump- Strg Box, Clutch M/Cyl Assy, Flex Hose With Adopter, S/A Of Fuel Tank, Gasket For Drain Plug, Rubber Packing, Water Separator, S/A Of Fuel V Hose 550 Long, S/A Of Fuel Hose, Fuel Pipe Return, Main Silencer Assy, Hose Assy Comp.Outlet Hose, Nylon Hose To Pto, S/A Of Nylon Hose Loose Kit, Drying &Distribution Unit With Adop, Dvb With 60 Deg Adoptor, Wiper Motor Etc

Due Date
14 Dec, 2021
16.70 Lacs