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Ref. No #22453053 State Government Live

Supply Of Materials - Water Can, Seam Bolts And Nuts, Brick Aggregate, Stone Aggregate, Coal Tar, Brick Bats, Wire Brush, Soft Brush, Portland Cement, White Cement, Unslaked Lime, Galvanised Steel Plain Sheets, Shellac, Wire Mesh, Galvanised Steel Bolts & Nuts, Galvanised Steel J Or L Hooks, G.I Limpet Washer, Bitumen Washer, G.I. Plain Washer Thick, G.I. Plain Washer Thin, G.I. Plain Washer For Seam Bolts, Water Proofing Materials, Welding By Gas Plant, Welding By Electric Plant, Wire Nails, Wire Mesh, Holding Down Bolts, G.I Pipes, Stainless Steel Bolts /Square Bar And Plates, Mild Steel Tubes Hot Finished Welded Type, Mild Steel Tubes Hot Finished Seamless Type, Glass Sheet, G I Wire, Fine Sand, Medium Sand, Coarse Sand, Bamboo, Eucalyptus Bullah, Sal Bullah, Nail, Hire Charges Of Shuttering Plank, Hire Charges Of Monkey Set, Stone Screening, 1St Class Traditional Bricks, Sausage Wire Net, Tor Steel Rods, Bright Finished Or Black Enamelled Mild Steel Screws, Bright Finished Or Black Enameled Mild Steel Butt Hinges, Frp Composite Door Frame, Iron Hasp Bolt, Iron Door Ring, Iron Catch Hook, M.S Clamps, Anodised Aluminium Barrel / Tower / Socket Bolt, , Anodised Aliminium D-Type Handle Continuous Plate Base, Empty Gunny Bag, Supplying, Fitting & Fixing Asbestos Corrugated Sheet6 Mm Thick, Supplying, Fitting & Fixing Asbestos Ridging, Fitting & Fixing Circular Corrugated Aluminium Sheet, Supplying, Fitting & Fixing Of 2-Track / 3-Track Aluminium Sliding, Supplying, Fitting & Fixing Of Partly Glazed Partly Paneled Or Fully, Supplying, Fitting & Fixing Of Aluminium Fixed Partition Wall Of All, Polythene Sheet, Check Valve, P.V.C.Water Storage Tank, Poly Rope, Lock & Key, Stone Aggregate, Work Site Facilities Tent, First Aid Box, Soap, Balti, Mug Etc. Per, Hire Charge Of Concret Mixer 0.25 To 0.40 Cum With Hopper, Vibrator, G.I. Limpet Waser, Hire Charge Of Shuttering Plank 25Mm-30Mm Thick Without Prop Including All Fitting, G.I. Wire, Mild Steel Tubes Hot Finished Seamless Type, Galvanised Steel Plain Sheets, Wire Mesh, Circular Corrugated Alumunium Sheet.

West Bengal
Due Date
06 Dec, 2021
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