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Ref. No #20660536 Central Government/Public Sector Live

Supply of Synthetic Life Jacket- Ndrf

Due Date
20 Apr, 2021
Refer Document
Ref. No #20648363 Central Government/Public Sector Live

Supply of Nylon Life Jacket - Mha

Multi State
Due Date
19 Apr, 2021
68.66 Lacs
Ref. No #20625034 Corporations/Associations/Others Closed

Supply Of Materials And Fixing Lightweight Portable Fire Pump Of 275 Lmp At 4 Kg/Cm2 Capacity Coupled To Suitable Single Cylinder Air-Cooled Diesel Engine With 75 Mm Diameter Delivery Outlet. The Overall Weight Of Pump Shall Not Be More Than 75 Kg. The Pump Will Be Supplied With 3 Nos. 2.5 Meters Long Pvc Suction Hose With Couplings, 1 No. Suction Strainer, 1 No. Basket Strainer & Suction Wrenches As Per Is 942. Delivery Hose 63 Mm Diameter Confirming To 636-1988 Type B In 30 Meters Length With Ss Male & Female Couplings. The Hose & The Couplings Should Be Isi Marked. Delivery Hose 63 Mm Diameter Confirming To 636-1988 Type B In 15 Meters Length With Ss Male & Female Couplings. The Hose & The Couplings Should Be Isi Marked. 100 Mm Rubber Suction Hose In 2.5 Meters Length With 100 Mm Suction Hose Gm Couplings As Per Is:3549-1983. Suction Collecting Head – 100 Mm Suction Inlet, Gm 2 Way As Per Is: 904: 1983. Suction Strainer For 100 Mm Suction Hose Brass As Per Is: 907-1984 Suction Wrenches For 100 Mm Suction Hose Couplings As Per Is: 4643 1984 Suction Adapter Gm 100 Mm Female X 63 Male Lugs Dividing Breaching With Control Instantaneous Pattern 63 Mm Is:905 Collecting Breaching With Control Instantaneous Pattern 63 Mm Is:905 Basket Strainer 100 Mm Cylindrical Type As Is:3582 Nozzle Spanners Is:903-1975 Nozzle Of Sizes 12 Mm, 16 Mm, 20 Mm & 32 Mm Four Each Is:903-1975 Fog Nozzle Is : 952-1969 With Extension Applicator With Fog Head Head Controlled Branch For 63 Mm Size Hose Coupling Branch With Revolving Head Is:906-19972 Branch Pipe Is : 903-1975 Breathing Apparatus, Open Circuit Positive Pressure Type With Cylinder Made Of Carbon Composite Material, Having Water Capacity Of 6 Liter, 300 Bar, 45 Miters Duration, Back Plate, Face Mask, Lung Demand Regulator Pressure Reducer Complete With Harness With Spare Cylinder As Per Is/En Standards. Protector Clothing For Fireman Complete With Gloves, Boots, Helmets With Suitable Face Should Made Out Of Material Capable Of Reflecting At Least 95 Percent Of Radiant Heat Temperatures Around 1500 Or 2000 C. & Also Afford Some Protection Against Direct Flame. The Suit Will Be Of Sufficient Size To Accommodate Breathing Apparatus To Users. Electrically Operated Chain Saw Petrol Engine Operated Chain Saw Petrol Driven Concrete Cutter – Electric Driven Metal Cutter – Foam Branch – Fb5x Type With Pick Up Tube Gm As Per Is : 2097 : 1983 Hose Ramp Rubber As Per Is Standard 30 Ton Capacity Suitable For 2 Lines. Long Line, 50Mm Manila Ropes, 30 Meters Long Length Is 1084 Short Line, 40 Mm Manila Ropes, 15 Meters Long Length Is 1084 Nylon Rope 16 Mm X 30 Meters Length Nylon Rope Ladder With Snap Hooks Of 5 Meters Length With Aluminum Round Grapnel With Nylon Rope 16 Mm X 30 Meter Length Foam Compound Afff Foam 20 Liters Can As Is 3% Fire Safety Helmet Rubber Gloves As Per Id 4770-1991 For 5000 Volts Canvas Gloves With Anti-Skid Palm Gum Boots High Quality & Standard Size Fireman Standard Uniform Size Khaki Color Fireman Raincoat Standard Size Safety Jacket Safety Dark Goggle Face / Nose Mask Aluminum Double Folding Stretcher Torch Electric With 4 Cell Water Proof Bolt Cutter 36”, 24”, 22” Each 2 Nos. Tapariya Make Door Maker Manual Boat For 4 Person Use In Orange Color As Per Irs Wire Rope 12 Mm X 15 Meter With Both Side Hook Crow Bar Of 6 Fit Long 25 Mm Dia. As Per Is:704:1968 Jack Hydraulic For 20 Ton Capacity With Handle Sledge Hammer Is: 841 6.5 Kgs. Life Buoy Mmd Approved Life Jacket Mmd Approved Pick Axe Is:273 Crow Bar Is:704 Tool Kit Fixed Spanner, Screw Drivers & Plier Insulated Foam Making Branch Pipe – Fb 10X With Pick Up Tube Grand/Sifon Make Red/Yellow/Amber Color Led Light Bar With Pa System At Fire Station At Naldurg

Due Date
13 Apr, 2021
19.60 Lacs