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Ref. No #22492154 Central Government/Public Sector Live   GeM Tender

Supply Of Emergency Resuscitation Kit, Suction Machine High Vaccum, Oxygen Cylinder B- Type, Laryngoscope, Infusion Pump, 100Ma X-Ray Machine High Frequency Machine, Examination Table, Semi Fowler Bed With Saline Stand Epoxy Coating, Bed Side Locker Superior Quality Epoxy Coating, Bed Side Attendent Bench With Mattress, Bed Side Stool Epoxy Coating, Foot Step Epoxy Coating, Dressing Trolley, Examination Couch Epoxy Coating, Stretcher On Trolley, Emergency Drug Cabinet Trolley, Bed Side Screen 3 Fold, Baby Cradle With Mattress, Instrument Trolley, Bed Sheet White, Hospital Blanket Wollen / Red, Patient Transfer Trolley System, I.C.C.U. Bed 4 Fold Mattress With Rexine Cover Epoxy Coating, Bedside Monitor Multipara, Pulse Oximeter, Ecg Machine Digital, Oxygen Cylinder With Trolley & Accessories, Office Almirah Big, Office Almirah Small Size, Rack, Freeze With Stablizer, Air Conditioner Split 2 Ton, Hydrolic Operation Table S.S., Boyles Apparatus, Horizontal High Pressure Steam Sterilizer S.S., Autoclave, Ceiling Shadowless Lamp, Resusctation Trolleycumcomplete Kit, Bp Instrument, Surgical Diathermy, Air Curtain, Oxygen Concentrator, Fiber Optic Head Light, P N Sterlization Kit, Hernia Set, Suturing Tray, Gall Bladder Set, Abdominal Hystectomy Set, Hydrocele Set, General Anaesthesia Set, Mv Kit, Scissors Set, Allis For Set, Urethral Dialotor, Proctoscope, Sigmoidoscope, Suture Removel Set, L P Tray, Kidney Tray, Thoracotomy Set, Digital Thermometer, Laprotomy Set, Patella Hammer, Stethoscope, Panumetric Tourniquet, Clause Nail Instrument Set, Vacuum Cleaner, Dental Unit Complete With Stool, Micromotor, Dental X-Ray, Cavitron Ultrasonic Scaling Unit, Air-Roter, Light Cure Unit, Indo Glass Bead Sterlizer, Dental Kit, Uv Cabinet, Dental Hot Air Sterilizer, 3 Way Syringe, Apex Locator, Pulp Tester, Endo Kit, Orthopedic Table, Plaster Table, F Bone Drill/Bone Cutting Machine, Shaduless Lamp Floor Model, Large Fragmentbasic Instrument Set, Large Fragment Screw Set, Small Fragment Bone Instrument Set, Small Screw Set, D.H.S Instrument Set, Hemiorthoplasty Set, Volkman Curette Double Ended, Periosteal Elevator, Amputation Set, Bone Cutting Forceps Straight & Curved 7/8/9, Depth Gouge, K Nail Instrument Set, T Handle, Watson Zone Handle For Guide Wire, Bone Nibbler, Plaster Saw Aluminium Handle, Universal Bone Drill With Chuck Electric, Audiometer, Operating Microscope, Ent, Sinus Endoscope, Cold Light Source Double Bulb, Microdrill, Micro Sur Operative Instrument, Nosal Surgery Instrument, Micro Ear Set, Nasal Set, E N T General Set, Ear Examination, Otoscope, Tongue Depressor, Kalorimeter, Centrifuge Machine, Hot Air Oven Digital, Water Bath Digital, Incubator, Fridge 300 Ltr, Esr Tube, Eso Stand, Heamoglobino Meter, Hemocytometer, Binocular Microscope, Alisa Reader, Washer& Printer For Alisa Reader, Needle Destroyer, Semi Auto Analyser, Blood Cell Counter, Physio Couch With Mattress, Multiwave Forms, Interferential Therapy, Shortwave Diathermy 250 Watt, Ortho Ultrasound, Electronic Muscle Toner For Rehabilitation, Autotraction Unit, Digital Cpm Machine, Vaccum Therapy, Treadmill, Parellel Bar, Wrist Exerciser, Grip Exerciser, Ankle Exerciser, Heel Exerciser, Balance Board, Hydrocullator Unit, Shoulder Wheel, Hand Exercise Table, Rowing Machine, Quardiceps Chair, Operating Microscope, Testing Drum, Testing Box, Opthalmoscope, Retinoscope, Slit Lamp, Autotonometer, Kartometer, Wet Field Biopolar Catuery, Hydralic Operation Table, Labour Table, Instroment Troley Ss, Drossing Drum, Ambu Bags, Ecalmpshia Bed, Foetal Monitor, Cryo Surgical System, Slow Suction Machine, Radiant Warmer, Air Cutairn, Portable Shaduless Lamp, Birthing Bed, Microprocessor Based Baby Incubator, Delivery Kit, Mtp Kit, Hanger Dialtor Set, Dnc Set, Cervical Biopsy, Veinisection, Vacuum Extractor, Pediatric Surgery Set, Thomas Spliant, Proctoscopy Set, Urology Kit, Mtpsuction Kit, Megaoxygen Cylinder B-Type, Radiaton Protection Panel For 2 Rooms, X Ray Cassette 10X12, X Ray Cassette 11X14, X Ray Cassette 12X15, Dark Room Safelight 12X15, Dark Room Safelight 8X10, Xray Half Film Blocker6x15, Xray Half Film Blocker7x17, Xrayscreen Cleaning Solution, Xray Film Hanger Clip Type, Xray Film Cutter, Xray Mobile Protective Chair Lead Type, Xray Film Drug Cabinet 24 Drawers, Xray Lead Gloves 0.5Mm Lead, Xray Chest Stand Chest Model, Xray Lead Apron Barc, Processing Tank 13.5 Ltr, View Box Single Film Single Tube, View Box Single Film Double Tube, Xray Protection Screen 6X3 Size With Cut Screen .

Uttar Pradesh
Due Date
29 Nov, 2021
2.49 Crore