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Ref. No #20658439 State Government New

Supply Of Stationery Items / Printing Materials/ Accessories Of Office Automations/ Defence Material / Construction Material/ Sanitary Items / Furnishing / Furniture Items And Other Items Paint Different Colour Per Ltr Asian/ Nerolac Colour Shade Tubes Of 200 Gms Packasian/ Nerolac Varnish Per Ltrasian/ Nerolac Tarpin Oil Per Ltr Asian / Nerolac Stainer Per Ltrasian / Nerolac Chalk Mitee Per Kgsun Brand Pop Per Kgsuperior Brand Rawsena / Burnsena/ Turki/Amber Per Kgsuperior Brand Wall Putty Per Kg Birla Painting Brush 3, 4 Superior Brand Washable Distemper Per Kg Asian/ Nerolac Wood/ Water Primer Per Ltrasian/ Nerolac Cement Primer Per Ltr Asian / Nerolac White Cement Per Kg Birla Redoxide Per Ltr Asian / Nerolac Cement Paint Per Ltr Asian / Nerolac Sand Paper Different Specification Per Dozen Superior Brand Putine Per Kg Superior Brand Putine Knife D/S Superior Brand Snowsum Per Kg Superior Brand Water Primer Per Ltr Asian/ Nerolac Emulsion Per Ltr Asian / Nerolac Excel Asian / Nerolac Tericota Asian / Nerolac Regemal 60/80 No Per Mtr Superior Brand Grout D/C Per Kg Birla Spray Paint D/C Per 400Ml Superior Brand Stationery Items : Photostat Paper A4 Per Rim K1 Photostat Paper Fs Per Rim K1 Type Paper Per Rim Superior Quality File Covers Per No Superior Quality Register 8-Q Per No. Superior Quality Fax Roll Dismat Per No Superior Quality Gel Pen Per No Flair Ball Pen Per No. Flair Pen V5 Luxor Per No Luxor Pen V7 Luxor Per No Pilot Pen V-10 Per No. Pilot Pen Impact Per No Superior Quality Highlighter Per No Flair Board Marker Per No Flair Glue Stick Korex 15Grmfaber Castell Carbon Paper Korex Per Boxkorex Legal Paper Per Rim Superior Quality Gum Bottle 200Ml Superior Quality Dak Pad Per No. Superior Quality File Folder Per No. Superior Quality Tags Per 100No Big Size Superior Quality Tags Per 100 No Small Size Superior Quality Pencil Per No Apsara Plastic File Cover Per No Superior Quality Slip Sticker Per Pack Small/ Superior Quality File Flags Per No Superior Quality Photopaper Per Rim Kodak Stapler Big Size Per No Kangaro Stapler Small Size Per No Kangaro Stapler Pins Big Size Per 10000 Staples Box Kangaro Stapler Pins No 10 Per 10000 Staples Box Kangaro Stamp Pads Medium Size Per No. Korex Peon Book Per No Superior Quality Coth Binding Register 3Kg Per No Superior Quality Leather Binding Register 12Q Per No Superior Quality Stock Register 12Q Per No Superior Quality Pin Cushion Per No Superior Quality Envelops 11*5/A4/Fs Laminated Per No Superior Quality Oval Steel Per No Superior Quality Paper Pouch Per No Superior Quality Table Top Per No Superior Quality Attendance Register Per No Superior Quality Tape Roll Transparent 1 Per No Superior Quality Permanent Markers Per No Artline Superior Quality Magnifying Glass Per No Superior Quality Index File Cover Per No Superior Quality Sketch Pen Per No Superior Quality Calcuator Casio Per No Casio Dj-120D-12Digits Scissor Per No. Medium Size Per No Superior Quality Computer Paper 132 Clom Single Per Rim Power Data Computer Paper 132 Clom Double Per Rim Power Data Computer Paper 80 Clom Single Per Rim Power Data Computer Paper 80 Clom Double Per Rim Power Data Slip Pad Per No Superior Quality Correction Fluid Feber Castal Per No Cello Dumper Per No Superior Quality File Flage Per Packet Small Superior Quality Slip Pad Per No Rainbow/ Superior Quality Paper Pin 30 Grm Pony/ Superior Quality Scale 30Cm Superior Quality Electronic Door Bell With Remote Control Anchor Note Pad Per No. Pen Uniball Per No. Gum Bottle Small Per No. Pen Drive 4Gb Hp Per No. Pen Drive 8Gb Hp Per No. Writing Pad Per No. Cartridge 678 Per No. Tonner 2501/S Per No. Duster Per No. Sharp Tonner Mx-237Bt Per No. L Folder Per No. Register Small Per No. Taper Roll 2 Per No. Cartridge 326 Canon Per No. Paper Stand Per No Mobile Stand Sperior Quality Per No Paper Shadder Per No Goodrej Air Pockets Per No Transparent File Cover Per No Umberalla Superior Big Per No Plastic Try Sumradi Per No Inkpot Bule / Black/Red/Green Per No Paper Clip Per No Chair Cushion Per No Computer Items/Articles Tft Screen 19Hp Hp Toner 12-A Hp Hp Toner 78-A Hp Hp Toner 88-A Hp Hp Black Cartridge 21A Hp Hp Color Cartridge 22A Hp Lippi Ribbon Tolly Gencom Tonner 1230-D Ricoh Cds/ Dvds Sony Pendrive 32/16Gb Sandisk Computer Cleaner Spray Super Brand Computer Keyboard Hp Optical Mouse Hp Telephone Plan 1+1 Beetal Telephone Apparatus Beetel Dry Battery For Ups 7.5Ah Or 18Ah, 12Vexide/Intex Tonner 2501 Ricoh Antivirus Quickheal Total Security Quick Heal Antivirus With 01 Year Subscription Quick Heal Hard Disk 1Tb/2Tb Sandisk Tonner 6525 Kyocera Hp Printer P1606dn, Hp1600 Cctv Camer Noght Vision Per No Hp Scanner Per No Electric Items Transformer Dry 5Kwalba Transformer Oil Based 10Kwalba Automatic Stablizer 2Kw Alba Electric Wire 0.5Mm Copper Per 90 Mtr Havells Electric Wire 1.0 Mm Copper Per 90 Mtr Havells Electric Wire 1.5 Mm Copper Per 90 Mtr Havells Electric Wire 2.0 Mm Copper Per 90 Mtr Havells Electric Wire 2.5 Mm Copper Per 90 Mtr Havells Electric Wire 3.0 Mm Copper Per 90 Mtr Havells Electric Wire 3.5 Mm Copper Per 90 Mtr Havells Electric Wire 4.0Mm Copper Per 90 Mtr Havells Electric Wire 6.0 Mm Copper Per 90 Mtr Havells Telephone Wire 2Pair Superior Isi Mark Wall Fan 400Mm Havells Ceiling Fan 1200Mm Havells Channel 1, 3/4 Superior Quality Steel Screw Superior Quality Extension Card 15Amp Superior Quality Ss Combine Bt Superior Quality Ss Combine Flash Type Superior Quality Saddle Superior Quality Led Lamps 9 Wts Havells Tubelight Electronic, 4 Complete Havells Tube 4 Havells Switch On Off 5Amp Havells Gang Box D/S Havells Channel Nail Per Kg Halogen Lights 500 Wts With Tubes Havells Halogen Tubes 500 Wts With Tubes Havells 3 Pin Top 15 Amp Havells Mcb 15Amp With Box Havells Mcb D/P 63 Amp Havells Pvc Pipe 1, 3/4 Inches Per 10 Fleet Superior Isi Mark 3 Pin Top 5 Amp Havells 5 Pin Socket 5 Amp Havells Room Heater With Rod Usha Water Purifier 20 Ltrs Kent Exhaust Fans 12*12 Havells Gas Mobile Heater Aygaz Tape Roll Ausbust Per No. Superior Flexible Pipe 100Mm Per Rft Superior Led Ceiling Lights Round/ Square 9Wt Per No. Havells Chines Screw Per Kgs Gyser Per No. 50 Ltrs Havells Gyser Per No. 35 Ltrs Havells Exhaust Fans 18*18 Modular Switch Per No Standing Fan Havells Per No. Dog Items Dog Warm Jackets Dog Warm Blankets Vaccination Deworming Digital Weighing Machine 3*2 Tick Choler Hand Glowes Dog Bed 4*4 Dog Towel Dog Steel Comb Dog Brush Dog Flat Collar Dog Side Laces Dog Tracking Laces Long Size Dog Hornesses Bucket Sperior Qulaity Mug Superior Quality Wiper Prestige Dust Bin Drum Type Superior Quality Feeding Plate Superior Quality Dog Shampoo Superior Quality Dog Soap Superior Quality Defence Material / Building Material Kiln Bricks Per Thousnad A Class Bajri All Size Per 200 Cft Crusher Sand Per 200 Cft Ganderbali Cement 43 Grade Khyber Iron Round / Square D/S Per Kg Tmt Angle Iron D/S Per Kg Tmt Nails All Size Per Kg Superior Nails All Size Chinas Per Kg Superior Handles 6 Per Dozen Superior Hinges D/S Per Dozen Superior Hinge Rod D/S Per Dozen Superior Ply Wood 6Mm, Per Sft Arco Ply Wood 8Mm, Per Sft Arco Ply Wood 10Mm, Per Sft Arco Ply Wood 12Mm, Per Sft Arco Ply Wood 19Mm, Per Sft Arco Sun Mica Size 4*8 Ft Per Sheet Arco Teak Wood 4*8 Per Sheet Arco Glass 3Mm, 5Mm Per Sft Saint Gobain Wooden Kans For Panelling Per Rft Superior Wooden Flooring Per Sft Superior Wall Tiles Per Sft Kajaria Floor Tiles Per Sft Kajaria Curtain Rods Per Rft Superior Thermo Cool 12Mm Per Sft Superior Excel Matting Per Sft Superior Doormat Plastic Superior Sr Fevicol Per Kg Fevicol Per Kg Wooden Flooring Per Sft Green Ply Superior Polyethen White Per Kg Superior Polyethen Blue Per Kg Superior Table Glass 12Mm Per Sft Superior Lock Long Key Link Wall Clock Ajanta Cloth For Curtain D/S Per Mtr Superior Flower Pots Superior Glass Film Superior Pvc Penelling Superior Pvc Flooring Superior Laminated Plywood 12Mm Superior Laminated Plywood 19Mm Superior Almunium Glossy Per Running Feet Almunium Fabrication Per Running Feet Almunium Composite Pannel Per Running Feet Almunium Sealing Per Running Feet Tuffan Glass Per Sq. Feet Curtain Road Per No. Popular Wooden Balies 3*5 10Ft Popular Wooden Balies 3*4 10Ft Hassan Cloth Miscelleaneous Items Cup Saucer Queen Jug Set Cello Tea Set Full Queen Mug Plastic Samrudi Bucket Plastic Samrudi 20 Ltr Sumrudi Tray D/S Cello Flask D/S Milton Spoons Frocks Stainless Steel Superior Thermos Kettle D/S Milton Qaurter Plate Gold Line Bone China Gas Choola/Bhatti 22*22 Superior Gas Regulator / Pipe Superior Isi Mark Dust Bin 20/10 Ltr Samrudi Electric Kettle 1&2Ltr Havells Cell Big Size 1.5V Eveready Cell Medium Size 1.5V Eveready Cell Pencil 1.5V Eveready Towel Superior Phenyl Hatric Acid Hatric Toilet Cleaner Harpic Broom Superior Room Freshner Ambi Pure Rope Nylon Per Kg Superior Hand Gloves Nylon Superior Face Masks Superior White Cloth Khader Superior Wiper For Toiler D/S Superior Tissue Paper Superior Grass Mate Per Sft Superior Toiler Brush Superior Toiler Freshner Odonil Colin Glass Cleaner Computer Chair Superior Office Chair Superior Office Table Superior Side Table Superior Steel Locker Big Superior Steel Almirah Big Superior Dining Chair Big Superior Door Close Hydrolic Superior Barber Kit All Items Superior Dust Bin 50 Lts Sumrudi Dust Bin Steel Superior Tea Container Superior Heat Piller Superior Warmax Blower Gas Cylinder 14.2 Kg Thermos Kettle Milton 2 Ltr Rawal Plug Transparent Blind Superior Emergency Light Superior Visitor Chair Cushion Type Superior Geyser 25 Ltrs Havels Carpet Matting Superior Excel Matting Superior Door Mat Superior Curtain Bracket Steel Water Purifier Pureit Plastic Table Sumrudi Brasso Superior National Flag Heatex Sr Health Faucet Sanitizer 500 Ml Laizol 500 Ml Head Gear Gownes Superior Quality Spray Ecco Superior Quality 1 Ltr Surface Cleaning Mob Pocha Black Phynle 1 Ltr Gown Water Proof Superior N-95 Masks Disposible Masks Surgical Latex Gloves Hand Wash Dettol/ Savlon 500 Ml Spray Machine Battery Operated Superior Gloves Superior Bath Slipper Superior Palstic Chair Set With Table Superior Quality Per No. Wiper Big / Small Per No Sanitary Items Gi Pipes 1/2 Per Rft Prakash / Saurya Tee D/S New/ Nike Per No. Elbow D/S New/ Nike Per No. Ball Valve D/S New/ Nike Check Valve D/S New/ Nike Per No. Socket D/S New/ Nike Per No. Nipple D/S New/Nike Per No. Union Different Size New/ Nike Per No. Beeb Cock Plastic Isi Mark Per No. Cp Beeb Cock Isi Mark Per No. Wash Basin Mixer / Sink Mixer/ Wall Mixer Per No. Parco Water Motor 1Hp Crompton Pvc Waste Pipe D/S Per No. Prince Waste Cup Cp Isi Mark Per No. Prince Ptrap D/S Isi Mark Per No. Prince Plastic Pipe B Type D/S Per No. Prince Collar D/S Per No. Prince Door Tee D/S Per No. Prince Door Bend D/S Per No. Prince Reducer D/S Per No. Prince Clip D/S Per No. Prince Commode Full Size Indian Per No. Cara Commode Full Size English Per No. Cara Seat Cover For Commode Per No. Cara Wash Basin With Pedestal Per No. Cara Towel Rod Per No. Cara Water Tank Per Ltr Santax Sooth Per Tube Superior Flash Tank Per No. Superior Flash Long Bend Per No. Cara Pvc Pipe 3/4, 1Per Rft Prince Pvc Socket / Elbow Etc D/S Per No. Prince Bend D/S Per No. Prince Ball Cock D/S Per No. Parco Tankey Nipple D/S Per No. Nike Reducer D/S Pvc Per No. Prince Iron Hooks Per No. Superior Flow Trap Per No. Prince Geyser Bolt Per No. Superior Soap Case Per No. Cara Cp Cup Per No. Prince Towel Ring Per No. Cara Tissue Paper Holder Per No. Cara Bolt With Nut D/S Per No. Superior English Commode One Piece Cara Beeb Cock 2In 1 Per No Cara Sink D/S Per No. Cara Cp Tube Per No. Superior Angle Value D/S Per No. Cara For Financial Year 2021-22.

Jammu And Kashmir
Due Date
19 Apr, 2021
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Ref. No #20657069 State Government New

Supply Of Material Sand Bhandara Sand Local Kanhan River Soft Murum Metal 80 Mm Metal 40 Mm Metal 20 Mm Metal 6 Mm Bricks Table Sample Opc Cement Isi Mark Ppc Cement Isi Mark Dust Steel 20 Mm Steel 16 Mm Steel 12 Mm Steel 10 Mm Steel 8 Mm Steel 6 Mm Kota Stone Submershible Pump 7.5 Hp Submershible Pump 5 Hp Rcc Benchess Hard Murum Pelving Block Hydrolick Mode Pelving Block Rubber Mode Cement Pipe 300 Mm Cement Pipe 450 Mm Cement Pipe 600 Mm Cement Pipe 900 Mm Mixer Machin Vibrator Water Tanker Road Roller Centring Plat Vrtrified Tyles Sluice Valva 75 Mm Sluice Valva 85 Mm Sagwan Door Teak Wood Door Plywood Door Lokhandi Fram Door 2.6 X 7 Lokhandi Fram Door 3 X 7 Lokhandi Fram Door 3.6 X 7 Lokhandi Grill Febrication 4 X 4 Lokhandi Grill Febrication 4 X 3 Lokhandi Ventilation Window 106 X 1 Isi Mark Taki 500 Lit Isi Mark Taki 1000 Lit Isi Mark Taki 2000 Lit Isi Mark Taki 5000 Lit Khille Centring Tar Tree Gard Zaliwala 5 Fut Pvc Pipe 160 Mm 4 Kg Pvc Pipe 110 Mm 4 Kg Pvc Pipe 90 Mm 4 Kg Pvc Pipe 75 Mm 4 Kg Pvc Pipe 90 Mm 6 Kg Pvc Pipe 75 Mm 6 Kg Pvc Pipe 200 Mm 4 Kg Ciramic Tyles Ms Steel Sign Bord With Painting Oil Bond Destemper Washeble Water Proof Cement Paint Primer Birla White 25 Kg Gi Pipe 65 Mm Sluise Valve 65 Mm Air Valve 25 Mm Gi Pipe 80 Mm Walmasta Paint Loxol Oil Paint Alluminium Sliding Window Bision Emulsion Febrication Tin Sheet Febrication Grill Work Jcb For Gp Pawaddowna Year 2021-2022

Due Date
15 Apr, 2021
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