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Tenders for Supply of Autoclave Portable 12 x 12 , Centrifuge Machine 3500 RPM 4 x 15 ml , CMOS Camera 5 MP Image Projection , Compound Microscope with 100x lens , Digital Colony Counter , Digital PH Meter with electrode , Digital Spectrophotometer 340 960nm , Dissecting Microscope , Distillation App Single cap 5 Litre , Heating Mantle 1 L or 500 ml , Hot Air Oven size 14 x 14 x 14 S S chamber , Magnetic Stirrer with Hot Plate , BOD COD analytical apparatus , Slide Box 50 slides , TLC Kit with applicator , Vortex Shaker , Water and Soil Testing Kit Digital , Water Bath 12 hole Double Walled S S chamber , Analytical Weight Box 100 gm , Chemical Balance , Chromatography Cabinet 6 leaves , Digital colorimeter with 8 filters , Digital Conductivity Meter , Digital DO Meter , Digital Potentiometer , Electronic Digital Balance cap 0 01 gm 600 gm , Heating Mantle 1 L , Kipps App , Kjeldah Digestion App with glass parts , Melting Point App , Melting Point App Digital Model , Polarimeter Half Shade , Vacumm Pump , Water Bath 6 hole Double Walled S S chamber , Soxhlet Extraction App with glass parts , Digital Spectrophotometer 340nm 960nm , Electronic Digital Balance cap 0 001gm 200 gm , Compound Microscope with 100x , Electronic Digital Balance cap 0 01gm 600 gm , Rotary Microtome heavy pattern , Slide Box 100 slides , Spectrophotometer Digital 340nm 960nm , LAMINAR AIR FLOW , thermometer digital , weight box , digital vernier callipers , screw gauge , shperometer , stop watch digital , sltotted weights hanger , resistance box various length , rheostate verious length , ammeter d c a c required range , voltmeter d c a c reguired range , galvanometer , miliammeter milivolmeter microammeter required range , plug key one way two way , reversing key , four way key , moarse key , battery eliminator , digital multimeter , soldering iron , travelling microscope , battery charger 2 to 12 volt , ballistic microscope , battery charger 2 to 12 volt , ballistic galvanometer with lamp and scale arrangement , spectrometer prosm crown flint glass , spectrometer 6 7 30 sec , optical bench with riders double bar , optical bench with riders double bar heavy , inertia table , complete apparatus to verify law of parallel and perpendicular axes for moment of inertia , compund pendulum bar pendulum , reading telescope , bending of beam apparatus to determine youngs modulus , cantilever to determine youngs modulus , horizontal torisonal pendulam apparatus , jaeger apparatus to determine the surface tendion , apparatus to determine the surface tension , apparatus to determine the vicosity of fiuid using poiseuiles method , callendor and barnes apparatus to determine the value of mechanical equivalent of heat , measurement of low resistance by carey forters bridge complete with power supply , potentiometer , lee purpose to determine the here conductivity of bad conductor of different geometry , apparatus to verift newtons law of cooling , searl apparatus to determine the coefficient of thermal conductivity , sodium vapour lamp , transformer for sodium vapour lamp , mercury lamp , transformer of merury lamp , biprism , complete apparatus to determine the resolving power of a telescope , biquartz are half shade polarimeter , newtons ring apparatus complete with travelling microscope power supply and sodium level , electroscope or electrometer , audio frequency genertor , cro dual trace 30 megahertz single tress 10 megahertz , use of vibration magnetometer to study a field apparatus , tangent galvanometer , apparatus to supply resonance curve for lcr circuit and to determine the resonance and inductance using impedance at different frequency , apparatus for measurement of capacitance and inductance using impedance at different frequencies , apparatus to determine the value of plancks constant complete with photocell light show set of filter and power supply , complete apparatus to determine em using thomson method , complete apparatus to determine em by milikons method , apparatus to study the absorption spectra of iodine vapour complete with white light source power supply grating and spectrometer , apparatus to draw bh curve of ferromagnetic material with the help of cro , half wave and full wave rectififer apparatus with built in power supply , transistor characteristics apparatus with built in power supply and metres , apparatus to supply characteristic of tunnel diode , apparatus to study hysteresis curve of transformer core , Apparatus to study specific resistance and energy gap of a semiconductor , Apparatus to study transistorized regulated power supply , Apparatus to study RC coupled amlifier with built in power supply , Zener diode characteristics apparatus with bulit in power supply , apparatus to study charging and dischaging of a capacitor , desktop computer for programming practicals , Complete setup to find the wavelength of sodium ligth with the help of fresnel biprism rail type optical bench , Study of lissajous figure trainer , Barton apparatus , Digital oscilloscope , Adjustable hegight stand , Capillary tube packets of different radii , Electrical laboratory kettle with varying voltages , Platinum resistance thermometer , Soldering Station , Desoldering tool , Flywheel , Themocouple apparatus , Jeet apparatus to study characteristic curve , Hall peobe apparatus , Plane transmission grating
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160,000 (1.60 Lacs )
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08 Mar, 2024
Location :
Madhya Pradesh
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