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Tenders for Supply of Surface Plate, 68 Vernier Calliper Digital Vernier Calliper Micrometer Digital Micrometer Height Gauge Depth Gauge Combination Set Bevel Protractor Sine Bar Precision Balls And Rollers Surface Plate Slip Gauges Set Comparatormechanical Snap Gauges Plug Guage Thread Gauge Feeler Gauge Radius Gauge Angle Plate Tool Makers Microscope Optical Profile Projector Surface Roughness Tester Dial Bore Gauge With Accessories Autocollimator Thermocouple Pyrometer Infrared Thermometer Gear Tooth Vernier Air Compressor With Paint Spray Gun And Pu Pipe Oxy Acetylene Welding Set With Accessories Swage Blocks 14 By 14 Inch Swage Blocks 12 By 12 Inch Moulding Boxes 10 By 10 By Inch 4 Inch Ladles 10 Inch Ladles 18 Inch
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13,000 (13.0 Thousand )
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04 Mar, 2024
Location :
Uttar Pradesh
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