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Tenders for Supply of Tentage And Barricading System For Election 2024, 54 Barrier Barricading 3 Balli In Meter Barricading 4 Balli In Meter Barricading 2 Balli In Meter Scaffolding Pandal With Curtain 15X15 Sq Feet Pandal With Curtain 30X30 Sq Feet Water Proof Pandal Sq Feet Chair Plain Per Piece Chair Plastic Per Piece Chair Steel Per Piece Chair Fancy Per Piece Sofa Set With Center Table Dais Sq Feet Bedsheet Mattress Pillow Chandani Carpet Per Piece Jute Mat Sq Feet Kanat Per Piece Table Per Pieces Table Cover Per Piece Jug Per Piece Glass Per Piece Bucket Per Piece Tray Per Piece Drum Per Piece Takhat Per Piece Manger Per Piece Tin Toilet Forged Iron Frame Sq Feet Mic Set Extra Horn Per Piece Line Mic In Meters Led 15 Watt Led 20 Watt Led 25 Watt Led 30 Watt Bulb 100 Watt Halogen Tube Light Cooler Pedestal Fan Ceiling Fan Main Line In Meter Generator 40 Kw Per Piece 24 Hours Per Day Generator 5 Kw Per Piece 24 Hours Per Day Generator 60 Kw Per Piece 24 Hours Per Day Generator 7.5 Kw Per Piece 24 Hours Per Day Waiter Service Main Laborer Ice Block Floor Matting Per Square Fit Curtain Per Piece
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2,500,000 (25.00 Lacs )
50,000 (50.0 Thousand )
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Key Dates
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06 Mar, 2024
Location :
Uttar Pradesh
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