Digital Signature / Certificate Service

Today a number of government bodies based across the globe have started to move on eTendering, Reverse Auctions, eAuctions, etc. to simplify the tender bidding process. To participate in such bidding process and get the best out of such opportunities,you will need to have valid class 3 Digital Certificate. Digital Certificate is actually a digital key which is issued by a ‘Certifying Authority’ certifying the identity of the certificate holder. We at Tender Advisors can help you get such certificate from the authority of your choice. Such Digital Certificate is encrypted using e-token, which is a USB key and can only be decrypted later using a corresponding tool. The role of Digital Certificate is important when you are having transactions on the web or conducting business over the internet. Apart from procuring such Digital Certificate for you, we also offer some support services for installing and configuring them in a way that you can use them efficiently. We also offer Crypto keys and SSL Certificates to meet client business demands.

Digital Signature / Certificate Service

Features of Digital Signature / Certificate Service

  • Section Icon Saves time –No downloading, no printing!
  • Section Icon Completely secure
  • Section Icon Is paperless
  • Section Icon Technical support is available on email and call
  • Section Icon Can be used across all government offices
  • Section Icon Offers data protection

What We Provide/Do

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Being anauthorised and licensed tender advisor in the market, we focus on offering personalized services to our business clients so as to help them bid government tenders in a seamless manner.
  • We will process your requisition for Digital Signature Certificate.
  • We will let you know the list of documents required for application and keep you informed at every step.
  • We provide class 2 and 3 Digital Signature certificate for our clients.
  • We also provide the digital signature in the form of a dongle or a USB e-token while being compliant with the FIPS standards required by the Indian Government.
  • We provide technical support in terms of installation and configuration of Digital Signature Certificate.
  • We provide Crypto Keys and SSL Certificates if the business needs the same.


  • Experience of bidding 8000+ Tenders
  • “Certificate of Recognition” from Government of India
  • Tender result analysis report module
  • Login penal with latest technology and tools
  • Team of expert and experience Manpower

Who We Are

We are one of the leading tender advisors in India with a strong clientele spread across the country. Being a trusted and most searched website, we have been playing a crucial role in the tender industry by assisting contractors and bidders participate in tender auctions and gain more information.

For Whom This Service Is Useful

Businesses that need partners to take care of the tender bidding process. Businesses, that are new in the market, and need assistance with the whole process. Companies looking for data related to past tender biddings.


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Services we provide

Here at Tender Advisor we work towards gathering all the relevant government tenders for your business. The same can be accessed by you by visiting our portal or by subscribing to our email alerts.

We help you with tender bidding by assisting you with the tender submission process. We do everything in the favour of your business and follow public procurement guidelines at every step.

We will help you get registered on the GeM portal, whether you are a seller or a buyer. All our efforts are to help you get registered without many issues; also to get access to other services offered by the portal.

Here at Tender Advisor we will help you get the digital signature certificate from the authority of your choice. We also help you install and configure them if needed.

We can help you reach your target audience by advertising tenders in the local, national or global markets.

We can track tender results for you as well as look for sub-contracting opportunities from the bidder who won the bids. We also track the activities of the competitors to stay ahead.

Our team work towards choosing the best vendor that suits your business by considering different factors. We also work towards maintaining a healthy relationship with the vendors.

Our team will keep an eye for the government and public tenders and will alert you if something of your interest comes up. We will also help you with the rest of the application process.